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Global IP block exemptions

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This page offers information about the 'global-ipblock-exempt' global user group.

The global IP block exemption is a global group that allows users to bypass global IP blocks and rangeblocks. Users may request access to global-ipblock-exempt at Steward requests/Global permissions. If the IP is also blocked locally, users may also request access via UTRS or stewards(_AT_)wikimedia.org.

This group allows the user to bypass global IP blocks, global rangeblocks and Tor exit node blocks, according to the policy at No open proxies#Exceptions.

Users in this group are also allowed to bypass the IP restrictions issued by the StopForumSpam extension.

This group does not affect local IP blocks and local rangeblocks; for which a local IP block exemption is needed.


See this guidance on how to request global IP block exemption.

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