Global block of Orange ranges (2015)

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Global block of Orange IP ranges (2015)

Block information

On August 15, 2015, for the second time in the last three years, ranges of dynamic IP addresses of Neostrada, service belonging to Orange Polska, have been blocked for a period of one year. The reasons behind the block are notorious vandalisms, including destroying and removing contents of encyclopedic articles, meta pages and pages belonging to our users, trolling, insulting and making punishable threats towards other users, promoting Nazism, and gloryfiyng war criminals. With no reaction from the operator, following our asking for intervention and in the light of lack of other methods of dealing with this problem, we have decided to block the possibility of editing Wikimedia projects for unregistered users subscribed to this ISP's services.

A total of 524 228 IP addresses assigned to Neostrada service have been blocked. As in 2012, the block is global - that means that unregistered users cannot edit any language version of Wikipedia or any other Wikimedia project.

Despite the block, affected users still have the possibility to edit Wikimedia projects, needing only a user account to be set up. To be able to get one, you need to contact with any administrator or send an e-mail to the address: In the e-mail, please state your desired username; the system will send an automatically-generated user password that can be later changed in your Preferences.

If you think this block is unjustified and would like to complain, please inform the ISP about this issue.

Contact with Wikipedia administrators

Contact with the ISP

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