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Colours of Bangladesh

idea creator:

Nasir Khan Saikat

project contact:



Farid Hossain



Preserve the national heritage and history of Bangladesh by collecting the historical photos of the Language Movement, Liberation war and along with this capture the photos of heritage, natural beauty and so on, all of these will be published in Wikipedia.

engagement target:

Commons, Wikipedia

strategic priority:

Improving Quality, Increasing Participation

total amount requested:

24928.62 USD

2013 round 2

Project idea[edit]

A prepared and nicely planned project through the brilliant heads. We want to preserve national heritage and culture of Bangladesh in Wikipedia. Through this project we will capture photographs of different important places of Bangladesh, train the photographers to contribute to Wikipedia, ask people to participate and help us to achieve the goals. And along with this we will try our best to gather the historical photographs of those places. Taking the photographs is not the only goal of this project, we will collect the related information as well and enrich the Wikipedia. Along with this we ready to receive all type of photographs and related information which represents a positive Bangladesh.

We will call the topics as colours. The colours could be the historical places, national heritages, national prides like the language movement, liberation war, natural beauties and so on.

The situation is not like that the photographs and information of those places/events are not available at all. In some cases they are available but unfortunately those were not published under open license. As a result we can not use those in all the purposes we need. So here we will capture the photographs and collect the related information, and then all of these will be released under CC-BY-SA/GFDL license.

Project goals[edit]

The main goal of this project is to create an archive to preserve the national prides of Bangladesh. Through out this project we will create and update a series of articles related to Bangladesh. To achieve this goal we will set a few specific milestones. Usually we create an article and then ask for a good photograph, but here a reverse method will be applied. We will capture the photograph first, then search for its related information and prepare the related articles.

Project Components[edit]

The project activities are split into several components. Components will be completed one by one and few of them will be done side by side.

[These list will be updated and the progress will be added time to time.]

  • Setup the base: Prepare a list of topics, sort the list based on the priority. We will deploy the project on area basis. So we will create two type of lists, one for the area based and another will be for the whole country.
We have already started the list preparing task. We are updating the list first in out local Wiki (Bn) and after a certain stage we will prepare a colne in English Wiki too. Here is the link of the list, bn:WP:WikiProject Colours of Bangladesh/List.
  • Outreach: Inform all about the project via all the online and printed news medias. Arrange several workshops on different regions of the country. Arrange meetup with the photographers and the existing Wikipedians. Arrange photo donation days to collect the photographs from the mass people.
  • Enrollment: Every one is allowed to join the project. They can attend the workshops, where we will demonstrate our project idea, show how to contribute to Wikipedia and other related topics. At the same time all the documents will be available so that all the others can join in.
  • Retention : There will be several appreciation and motivational components on the project. We will have a media partner, and we will announce all the progresses via the social and other news media. After completing each phase we will organize photo exhibition as well.

Part 2: The Project Plan[edit]

Project plan[edit]


Scope and activities[edit]

  • Create a complete list of historical places of Bangladesh
  • Check if articles exists(both Bengali and English wiki) about these places
  • Prepare a list of pages which requires images or a better image
  • Identify the topics which requires new articles
  • Sort the list based on the priority
  • Engage with local photography communities, so that they can contribute good images
  • Arrange several training sessions in different regions of the country for the photography communities
  • Organize photo donation day, the event will be announced earlier and we will collect the images on topic basis
  • Ensure the image quality via the standards exists in Wikimedia Commons (quality, valuable, featured image)
  • Publish the news about this project on print and electronic news media, and social media sites as well. We will inform the updates and ask all to contribute image(recently captured or historical) and information related to the listed topics.
  • Contact with some specific source to collect the historical photos. Ex. Liberation war museum, national museum, alive freedom fighters and other photographers.
  • Create new contributor of Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons
  • Spread the culture of contributing own work in open source licences
  • Maintain a decent documentation of the project, so that other can use the similar approach to retain their culture and heritage.

Tools, technologies, and techniques[edit]

A new groups of volunteers will contribute to this project. Several types of outreach events will be organized to contact with the new contributors. We will arrange workshops, photowalks, online and offline photo donation, article improvement campaign and so on. We also have a plan to organize general monthly meetups to discuss out progress.

In this project we will encourage the contributors to use the photo assessment structure (Quality, featured images), so we will need to active experienced commons contributors. We are testing the commons upload tools and tools to import form flickrs and few others. If it requires we may develop suitable tools which fits with the requirement.

It is mentioned earlier that a new group of volunteers will join with us, to contribute to the Wikipedia and its sister projects. We are panning to give them some gifts like stickers, badges, and other different items. It will be helpful to encourage them and promote Wikipedia as well.


Total amount requested[edit]

24928.62 USD (1938200 BDT), exchange rate 1USD = 77.75BDT)

Budget breakdown[edit]

Here is the details budget plan of the project, all the amounts are mentioned in BDT.

Event cost for one vent outside Dhaka

Description Unit Cost Total Cost
Travel cost to go to the location (Bus/Train) 3 1500 4500
Travel cost to come back to Dhaka (Bus/Train) 3 1500 4500
Transportation (go to the bus/train station and other) 1 400 400
Communication (with the hotel, local team, transportation booking) 1 500 500
Food (on the way on travel to the location) 3 250 750
Food (on the way on travel back to Dhaka) 3 250 750
Hotel Accommodation 3 1500 6000
Breakfast (3 person x 3 Days) 9 80 720
Lunch (3 person x 3 Days) 9 170 1530
Dinner (3 person x 3 Days) 9 170 1530
Other food (Tea, water, snacks) 9 100 900
Local transportation 3 500 1500
Snacks for the local participants (3 Day) 3 1000 3000
Communication, transportation and other cost for the local participants (3 Day) 3 500 1500
Cell phone (Talktime recharge) 3 200 600
Festoon and big poster 4 200 800
Festoon stand(a 'X' like stand to fit the festoon) 4 800 3200
Banner 1 600 600
Internet cost 1 500 500
Other Cost 1 1000 1000
Total 37780

We will organize 15 events outside Dhaka. We will try to manage the event venues for free, or the local university will be the organizer. We are sure about the 5, but will try to manage for the other events.

Description Unit Cost Total Cost
Venue Cost 10 4000 40000
All the other costs of the event (except the venue) 15 37780 565700
Total 606700

Cost for the events inside Dhaka.

Description Unit Cost Total Cost
Cost related to the event preparation(local transportation and other) 1 2000 2000
Snacks for the event 1 3000 3000
Festoon and big poster 4 200 800
Festoon stand(a 'X' like stand to fit the festoon) 4 800 3200
Banner 1 600 600
Venue rent 1 5000 5000
Other 1 500 500
Total 15100

There will be 5 events (at least) in Dhaka. there is the total cost.

Description Unit Cost Total Cost
Event Cost 5 15100 75500
Snacks on photowalk 5 1000 5000
Lunch 5 2000 10000
Tea, water, and other snacks 5 1600 8000
Local Communication 5 2000 10000
Cell phone (Talktime recharge) cost 5 600 3000
Total 111500

We will need to purchase few equipments for this project. The project will continue even after the 6month (Phase 1). Almost all of the following equipments can be used for the next phases. At the same time we may use this equipments for the Chapter and Wikipedia related events from the very beginning.

Description Unit Cost Total Cost
Tripod 2 10000 20000
Camera Bag 2 10000 20000
Desiccator 2 10000 20000
Laptop 2 50000 100000
Total 160000

Equipment rent cost for the events outside Dhaka

Description Unit Cost Total Cost
Camera rent (2 camera x 3days) 6 1800 10800
Camera lens rent (4 lens x 3days) 12 1300 15600
Total 26400

Equipment rent cost for the events outside Dhaka

Description Unit Cost Total Cost
Camera rent (2 camera x 2days) 4 1800 7200
Camera lens rent (4 lens x 2days) 8 1300 10400
Total 17600

At the very beginning of the project, we are planning to arrange a press conference to inform all. It will be a big step to inform the mass people about this project.

Description Unit Cost Total Cost
Venue rent 1 10000 10000
Food for the journalist 1 10000 10000
transport, invitation, press release prepare, and other related cost 1 3000 3000
Banner, festoon 1 2000 2000
Other 1 2000 2000
Total 36000

At the end of the first phase we will arrange an exhibition for inform our progress and also encourage the participants.

Description Unit Cost Total Cost
Venue rent 3 15000 45000
Photo print and frame 1 150000 150000
other decoration 1 50000 50000
transportation and other 1 3000 3000
Opening and Closing event food 1 20000 20000
souvenir 1 30000 30000
Other 5000
Total 330000

We will need part time paid contributor to maintain and lead the project successfully.

Description Unit Cost Total Cost
Coordinator 6 15000 90000
Assistant Coordinator 6 15000 60000
Total 150000

The total summery budget.

Description Unit Cost Total Cost
Event Cost outside Dhaka Region (15 Event in 15 different location of Bangladesh) 1 606700 606700
Event Cost inside Dhaka Region (5 event at Dhaka) 1 111500 111500
Equipment and other asset purchase 1 60000 160000
Equipment rent cost (outside Dhaka) 15 26400 396000
Equipment rent cost (inside Dhaka) 5 17600 88000
Press Conference 1 36000 36000
Exhibition 1 330000 330000
Management 1 15000 60000
Other 1 150000 150000
Total 1938200

Apart from this we have a plan to distribute stickers, badges to all the participants. Wikimedia Foundation can send us some of the swag or we can produce locally.

The unit price might be changed, based on the market price on the specific time.

Intended impact:[edit]

Target audience[edit]

All the readers of the Wikipedia (primarily Bengali and English) are the target audience of this project.

Based on the primary research i found that Bengali Wikipedia do not have enough article related to the heritage/history of Bangladesh. We are going to create and update articles, so the reader of the Wikipedia will be benefited.

A group of volunteers are going to join the project. Our main focus will be on the photograph communities. But at the same time we will try to encourage others to join us as an editor of Wikipedia.

Fit with strategy[edit]

Increasing Reach: One of the main component of the project is outreach. We will try to reach people as much as possible. We will inform that there is a encyclopedia named Wikipedia, it is free for all and you can also contribute to the project. After the starting of the project more people will read Wikipedia and the number of editors will be increased.

Improving Quality: Our main goal of the project is to improve the quality of the existing articles and create a set of new articles as well. We will add new quality images to the related articles and replace the existing images where required. At the same time try to add some more information in the articles.

Increasing Participation: Through this project we will update/create a set of articles. The articles will be updated by adding new quality images and related information as well. To get the quality images we will engage the existing photographer communities. We will arrange training sessions and guide them to learn about Wikipedia and the way to contributing to Wikipedia. The design of the project is mostly focused on the new editors.


This grant will be used to complete the first phase (you might want to say it is pilot) of the project. Here the timespan is 6 months. But 6 month is not enough to cover all the places. But will cover all the historical places/ heritage sites. After the project timeline the Wikimedia Bangladesh chapter will help me to continue this project. In the extended period (after the 6month) i have a plan to include several topics in the task list. Like initiate the GLAM project using the same team, collect historical photographs form the individuals and so on.

Measures of success[edit]

The measure of success will be calculated by the number of total monuments/places covered trough the project.

But at the same time we will capture few other information so that we can do better in the next phases of the project. here is the list;

  • Total number of uploded photographs
  • Total number of participants
  • Total number of new articles
  • Total number of articles updated via this project


We will create and update articles, add photos to all the related to the heritage/history of Bangladesh. There are a few specific reasons to start this project. From ancient period this region (subcontinent) was ruled by several group of people. Along with this different people came here to visit, to business, to conqueror, and to rule the region. To develop this region and for their own use they built several type of establishments. They represent different culture, religion and they are also built on different architectural methods.

The sad part is we (the local people, government including myself) are not much careful about these places. So as a result many of the establishments are distorted, modified and lost by this time and this number is increasing. Bangladesh is situated by the sea Bay of Bengal, is plays a great role to attract the other countries to expand their business on the sea area. A huge number of establishments are located on the south part of the country. As we all know Bangladesh is one of those countries who are suffering most from the global warming. Every year we had to face a big number of natural disasters. It is an another reason of decreasing the number of historical establishments. It might be already delay but here the plan is to preserve all of these in all the way we can. Primarily we will create an archive in the Wikipedia and at the same time we try to build awareness about these national prides.

Future extension of the project[edit]

The project goal is big and on the phase one, we will cover a part of this. The rest of the parts will be covered via the next phases of the deployment. Beside covering the historical places we will make sure to create a complete structure which will be used on the next phases. The list of places for the phase one will be selected based on the community discussion.

First phase of the project will be completed by the individual and then the local chapter might help us to continue the next phases.

We will create such a project model so that other countries can use the same structure to preserve their heritage and culture. We are starting this as a project but there is opportunities to start as a program of the WMF.



Community Notification:[edit]


Do you think this project should be selected for an Individual Engagement Grant? Please add your name and rationale for endorsing this project in the list below. Other feedback, questions or concerns from community members are also highly valued, but please post them on the talk page of this proposal.

  • I will always support any project which promotes Bengali culture and Bangla language. Bangla is one of the most spoken languages in the world, is part of a major artistic and literary tradition, and is greatly underrepresented online. I want to know more about this project and in some form after whatever revisions are necessary I would like to see a project promote Bangladeshi presence on Wikimedia projects. Connecting images to history could be a great start into this. Blue Rasberry (talk) 01:47, 18 September 2013 (UTC)
  • This is a good attempt to enrich our wikipedia. Besides creating awareness for wikipedia, this will also promote our culture and language to a wide audience. I believe, the Wikimedia Bangladesh Chapter will whole heatedly support this endeavour. As the president of the chapter, I could only say that we will help the project in all out way. Since, the chapter yet to resolve some legal issue, we could not able to do it from the chapter itself. But, we would be a very much part of it. Thanks Nasir for the initiative. Munirhasan (talk) 02:54, 29 September 2013 (UTC)
  • First of all Thanks Nasir to take this initiative. This project will be a good attempt to enrich our wikipedia. It will also help to build awareness and reach a big number of people. I fully support this type project and interested to become a part of it. The project is focused on our national heritage, so it will also help to promote Bangladesh as well as the Bengali culture.--Nurunnaby Chowdhury Hasivetalk • 06:01, 29 September 2013 (UTC)
  • I fully support this project. This will promote Bengali culture. Thanks to Nasir Khan.--Aftab1995 (talk) 00:04, 5 October 2013 (UTC)
  • Bangla is seventh largest language in the world in terms of number of native speakers, but unfortunately it is greatly underrepresented online. The project could be a great way to the betterment of this situation as well as it would make a good contribution in Wikipedia (both the Bangla and English Wikipedia) and Wikimedia Commons. -- Tanweer (talk) 08:21, 23 October 2013 (UTC)
  • Community member: add your name and rationale here.