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Wikipedia African Academy
Wikipedia African Academy is a training about wikipedia and wikimedia project Aims to increase wikimedia activity and contribution in Africa
strategic priorityIncrease participation
start dateOctober 15
start year2016
end dateMarch 30
end year2017
budget (local currency)80000
budget (USD)39 657
grant typeGroup
non-profit statusNo
contact(s)• touzrimounir(_AT_)
organization• Wikimedia Tunisia
created on20:39, 19 February 2016 (UTC)

Project idea[edit]

What is the problem you're trying to solve?[edit]

the project objective is to increase the number of contributors and wikimedia actvities in the African country, Wikimedia and develop new communities and new user groups, after a new research from the Oxford Internet Institute said that There are More Wikipedia Editors from the Netherlands than All of Africa [1], we need to increase activity and active users in African country by educating active community members in new african country where wikipedia activity is so low


The conference is designed to create a forum for Africa-based Wikipedians to participate in meaningful discussion about, and create a collective strategy to, advocate and expand contributions to Wikimedia, Wikipedia and the open movement across Africa. The conference will assist in strengthening existing and burgeoning Wikimedia communities, will provide tools and skills to encourage the growth of new communities, and will address long-standing online and continental community issues towards consistent participation across the continent.

What is your solution?[edit]

The proposed solution is to organize training about wikimedia projects for 14 university aenseignants or University student from 7 African countries where wikipedia activities is very low, after the traiing will follow and assist participante to hold event his country and reach his goals

Training program

The training program will be about all activity and course about wikipedia and wikimedia project, the program will include:

  • Presentation about wikimedia project and wikimedia Foundation
  • Wikipedia and Wikimedia Projects editing
  • Wikimedia commons uploding photo
  • GLAM
  • Wikipedia Education program
  • Wiki Loves Event ( Wiki loves Monuments, Wiki Loves Earth and Wiki Loves Africa )
  • The Open Movement and its impact in Africa,
  • Working with partners to extract citable content
  • Leveraging networks to build community and aggregate content,
  • Using Wikimedia tools, e.g. GLAM tools, Wikimetrics and Wiki Data,
  • Event planning, marketing and communication for engagement, Project planning, grants, accountability and budgets, and Tracking and metric tools and evaluation.
  • And meeting to discuss new activity and project in Africa with all user groups and chapters
  • And others activities

Delegates will be drawn from the following countries: Mauritania, Sudan, Djibouti, Comoros, Eritrea, South Sudan, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, The Gambia ,Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Liberia, Mozambique, Niger, São Tomé and Príncipe, Seychelles ,Sierra Leone, Somalia

Monitoring of participants

After the training, participants will be monitored and supported for the realization of projects fixed during Academy

Eligibility to participate

The participante should be:

  • A student or university aenseignants from anb african country
  • Involved in civil society
  • Participation in non-Wikimedia free knowledge, free software, collaborative or educational initiatives
  • Ready to organise wikimedia event in his country
  • Has some knowledge about wikimedia
  • Has an advanced knowledge of English.

All trainers will be from Africa wikimedia affiliation, as well this event will be an opportunity to organise meetups with active user groups and chapters in Africa.

The number of trainers is 15


From 19 to 24 December 2016


Tunisia, Tunis National Centre for Training of Trainers in Education Carthage- TUNISIA.

Project goals[edit]

Wikipedia African Academy aims to strengthen the Wikimedia movement in Africa by providing a platform that allows for fledgling, and established, Wikipedians and Wikimedian communities across Africa to interact, share experiences, develop bonds and create continental networks for a sustainable future for new and existing chapters. Its focus is to produce direct, Africa-based answers and solutions to the WMF and chapters on implementing the movement’s strategic goals. It is designed to proactively support the Wikimedia movement within the developing world/Third World or often referred to as the ‘Global South’. Transfer community leadership and building skills, as well as share and adapt toolkits and event templates to encourage and activate community engagement and sustained contribution across Africa. Our specific goals for the conference are to:

  • Have a maximum of 26 conference delegates:
    • 14 new active wikipedians in ten african country not involved in wikimedia project
    • 12 conference from Africaine Wikimedia affiliation
  • 3 month after the event 10 activity about wikipedia in wikimedia activity on this african country (Wikipedia workshops, photo walk, wiki loves event , GLAM activity etc)
  • 3 month after the event 4 new eduction program on this african country
  • 3 month after the event, 5 new grants request to increase activity
  • 5 month after the event, 5 new users group will be created
  • Identify areas of discussion for next year's Activiteis in Africa.





Target readership[edit]


Fit with strategy[edit]

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Measures of success[edit]

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Resources and risks[edit]




Please provide a detailed breakdown of project expenses according to the instructions here. See Budget Guidelines. Grantees are subject to line-item scrutiny of expenses. Changes to the approved budget beyond 10% in any category must be approved in advance.

Project budget table[edit]

Item Quantity Unit price in TND Total in TND Total in USD Notes
Scholarship 26 1700 44200 21 727,00
Visa Assistance 12 100 1200 589,87
Accomodation + breakfast + lunch: ( @65 TND/night per person for 5 nights) 50 325 16250 7 987,87
Opening ceremony dinner @40 TND per person. 50 35 1750 860,23
Social Event @35 TND per person. 50 35 1750 860,23
"Printed T-shirts, for the conference participants 55 20 1100 540,72
Communication costs (Documentation , banners, etc.) 1 500 500 245,78
Conference documentation & stickers & badges 55 10 550 270,36
Project Management 5 1700 8500 4 178,27 Two project manager working for five months, about 6 hours a day
Transportation 1 1500 1500 737,34
Incidental costs & contingencies 1 3000 3000 1 474,68
Total 80 300 39 472

Total cost of project[edit]

80 300 TND/ 39 472 USD

Total amount requested[edit]

80 300 TND/ 39 472 USD Total amount requested from the Project and Event Grants Program.

Additional sources of revenue[edit]

No Additional sources of revenue, other than the Project and Event Grants Program, that may fund part of this project, and amounts funded.

Non-financial requirements[edit]

See a description of non financial assistance available. Please inform the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) of any requirements for non-financial assistance now.

Get Involved[edit]

About the idea creator[edit]

I'm Mounir Touzri, a Tunisian living in Tunis. I obtained a Diploma of Industrial Engineering from National Engineering School of Tunis at the Carthage University. I am a member of organizations such as the Junior Chamber International and wikimedia TN user group. I took part of the team of wikimania Monastir 2015 , after that I join the wikimedia TN user group to organized wikiarabia 2015, wiki loves earth 2015 in Tunisia and many other events.


  • Community organizer As a member of Wikimedia Tunisia User Group, it will a great opportunity to be a part of the organization community. Hamed Gamaoun (talk) 13:09, 8 March 2016 (UTC)
  • Volunteer I'm Alain DATAGNI, trainer and coodrinateur 3d printAfricaEducative project at WoeLab in Togo. I think it will be good to developp the project also in Togo and francophone countries in general. But in the meantime , I'll be happy to participate in the project develop here in Togo

Thank you. DATAGNI Piou Alain (talk) 21:28, 12 March 2016 (UTC)

  • Researcher Inspiring people to share and accurate their knowledges by disseminating the ways Wikimedia foundation itself can improve their academic and social interaction, and how to participate in Wikimedia foundation by giving their contributes. First aim goes to the countries where Wikimedia foundation access is free, by propagating this information. Dorivaldo de C. M. dos Santos (talk) 23:23, 14 March 2016 (UTC)
  • Volunteer This is a great idea. I am working on Afripedia project and I think this can help african contributor to do more BamLifa (talk) 09:32, 19 March 2016 (UTC)


  • This is indeed a problem that needs solving, and the proposed solution here is a good first step. Maunus (talk) 16:53, 5 March 2016 (UTC)
  • This is a good project that help the African Community to get in touch with all Wikimedia Projects Hamed Gamaoun (talk) 13:05, 8 March 2016 (UTC)
  • This could be a good first step to start addressing the issue of countries where we basically have no wikimedians... Anthere (talk)
  • African participation and coverage is one of the big under-invested frontiers of our volunteer community, really support this well designed effort, Sadads (talk) 14:29, 9 March 2016 (UTC)

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