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The Movement Strategy Implementation Grants Approach (2021-22) progresses in three crucial steps. These steps help all of us stay focused on our common objective of Movement Strategy implementation by 2030. These steps are intended to enhance collaboration and the collection of feedback to guide grant proposals.

Step 1 - Identify initiatives community members are keen to implement[edit]

In this round, grants focus on four prioritized initiatives:

While these are the identified priorities, you can submit proposals about other initiatives. If there are at least 5 different proposals on a specific initiative, we will prioritize it as well.

Step 2 - Find new ideas through community participation[edit]

Different communities have different priorities and therefore different ideas about what to work on next. We look forward to learning more about your own needs and priorities and the ways that those challenges can be addressed through Movement Strategy Implementation.

Discussions and consultations on ideas can take some effort to organize and coordinate. The Movement Strategy and Governance team can provide technical support to communities and affiliates discussing these new ideas related to the focus initiatives.

Ideas that flourish through this community participation may lead to prioritizing additional initiatives and proposals.

Please check for existing ongoing conversations related to your idea before starting a new conversation.

Step 3 - Develop plans to implement initiatives[edit]

We will actively seek out affiliates and volunteers interested in developing plans to implement focused initiatives and other emerging ideas. With them, we will also produce examples to help you submit your own plan.

There is a list of ideas collected so far.

If you would like to see examples for initiatives that are not the focus for a given quarter, but of interest to you, you can consult with volunteers and affiliates, and when there are up to 5 applicants interested, we will focus on that initiative and develop examples that can aid your submission.