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Bojana Wiki PG/Trace of a Soul
To support a photo competition focusing on cultural and natural monuments, an education program for the Republic of Srpska community.
targetSerbian Wikipedia, Commons
strategic priorityIncrease participation
start dateJune 15
start year2015
end dateOctober 31
end year2015
budget (local currency)3,757 EUR
budget (USD)4,222 USD
grant typeIndividual
non-profit statusNo
creatorBojana Wiki PG
created on18:22, 8 June 2015 (UTC)


Please briefly describe what will be accomplished if the project is successful (2–3 sentences).
Wiki Loves Republika Srpska - Trace of a Soul photo-contests. The Republika Srpska is one of the two entities that together comprise the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in Southeast Europe. The natural and historical riches of the Republika Srpska are very large and significant. However, there is little thing is known about them, and even less they are represented on the Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons. There is only few articles and pictures about natural monuments from Republika Srpska. Because that, one of the primary goal of this project is to increase the number of articles and free photos related to this monuments on Wikipedia and on Wikimedia Commons. Other important goal is popularisation of Wikimedia’s mision and vision in Republica Srpska. In general, public is not aware of the possibility of editing Wikimedia project. Also, there is lack of information abotu CC license. Photo contests and edit-a-thons are a good way to inform the general public about the Wikimedia and its mission. The third important goal is strengthening the capacity of the community. In Republika Srpska we have several very active member (with 10K+edits) and wiki community has about ~15 persons. They are doing EduWiki project at the moment and making an effort so the photo competition could be successfully implemented in this region. Project will help strengthening enthusiasm and give support for forming wiki user group in Republika Srpska. This project can also attract new volunteers.



Wiki Loves Republika Srpska - Trace of a Soul will be the first photo-contests. It is conceived as a mix of WLM and WLE competitions. More precisely, under this name we will collect two categories of photos: first will be natural monuments and second will be about cultural and historical monuments. For each category we anticipate major awards I, II, and III prize and consolation prizes for the IV and V place (t--shirts and thanks you letter).

Activities in the organization of the competition are divided into three categories; before the competition, during the competition, after the competition.

Activities before the competition: duration 7 weeks (May 15 - 30 June)

  • talk with WMF Done
  • writing the grant request Done
  • looking for local partners and talk with official institutions In progress… so far we talked with Andrićev Institute and Tourist organizations of Višegrad.
  • make lists of all the monuments on the coordinates and general information In progress…
  • looking for a jury member In progress… we are looking for 3-5-member jury. criteria are to be successful in these spheres: photography, architecture. One place in jury will be for member of the community with 10K+edits and good knowledge about CC and photo using things.
  • launch of a website and data entry In progress…
  • launch FB an Twitter page Done
  • send media releases and promotion (first announcement)
  • create pages and templates on the Meta

Activities during the competition: duration 6 wweks. (July 1 - August 31)

  • tracking input
  • updating FB page and Twitter
  • categorizing and sorting files on the Meta
  • photo tour in Višegrad with training on how to upload photos in Commons
  • edit-a-thone (writing articles about monuments in Republika Srpska and insert photos into articles)
  • send media releases and promotion
  • edit a thon

Activities after the competition: 9 weeks. (September 1 - 31. October)

  • selecting images for jury
  • preparation for prize giving event
  • informing the finalists
  • announcement the #Top10
  • send media releases and promotion
  • printing photos and other paper materials
  • time for prize giving event
  • writing report
  • metrics about the participants
  • Report on Meta


Target readership[edit]

Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia (especially sr, sh, hr and bs) and indirectly all projects using Wikimedia Commons media files.

Fit with strategy[edit]

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This project will directly affect the Wikimedia Commons through increased the number of photos of natural and historical monuments of Republica Srpska and and indirectly all projects using Wikimedia Commons media files. Edit-a-thon will have impact on Wikipedia by increasing the quantity and quality of articles. The entire project will be accompanied by an aggressive media campaign and promotion and will promote Wikimedia too. Cooperation with GLAM and other institution shows credibility of Wikimedia through their trust in us and our work. Every project like this one, where we have team, empower cooperation between members. This project will show people and contributors from Republic of Srpska that they also can be active in project and participating in global movement activities. This means that they can contribute not just online (editing Wikimedian projects) but offline as well (such as organizing this project).

Measures of success[edit]

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  • 2000 photos
  • 100 participants
  • >5% photos will be used in Wikipedia in first 7 weeks after the competition
  • 20 media coverage
  • community will be stronger than now (min 2 new users, minimum 1 workshop in next 6 weeks etc.)
  • >200 facebook followers/page likes.

Resources and risks[edit]


Wikimedians from Republika Srpska is a group of users that began joint activities this year. So far they hold several meeting and ran local WikiEdu project (5 workshop), and start one project with local media in order to promote Wikimedia’s projects. Before they start to work together, they did their work as individuals. In the group we have several relatine new wikipedians and several member who are a long time wiki experience (with 10K+edits).

  • Bojana Podgorica -professor, theater collaborator, member of Wikimedia community since 2010. She organized several workshops, meetings and edit-a-thons, member of a EduWiki project in Republika Srpska
  • Ranko Nikolić - long time Wikipedian with more than 38.000 edits
  • Darko Andrić - tourist expert, a representative of the Tourist Organization of Visegrad, on of new wikipedians.
  • Boško Masal - Junior web developer, on of new wikipedians.
  • Darko Gajić - long time Wikipedian with more than 13.000 edits
  • Vuk Vucetic - Wikimedians since 2012, member of EduWiki project in Republika Srpska, Master in communication
  • Borislav Vukojević - Wikimedians since 2012, member of EduWiki project in Republika Srpska, Master in communication


  • difficulties when sending photos: participants who have not used Commons before, can have confusion in doing it. We will provede tehnical support and all information step by step on our website and via Wikipedia/Commons templates and pages. Also there will be online support via email and social networks.


Please provide a detailed breakdown of project expenses according to the instructions here. See Budget Guidelines. Grantees are subject to line-item scrutiny of expenses. Changes to the approved budget beyond 10% in any category must be approved in advance.

Project budget table[edit]

Number Category Item description Unit Number of units Cost per unit Total cost Currency WMF Notes
1 Preparation Preparation - - 200 200 EUR 200 phone, internet, bus card, postal costs, etc.
2 Photo tour Photo tour in Višegrad and places near it 1 5-8 people 30 30 EUR 30 For sandwich and gasoline
3 Prizes I, II and III prizes 2 package 2 600 1200 EUR 1200 6 technical gadgets or 6 vouchers: (I -300€; II - 200€ III -100€)
4 Prize giving event Venue 1 1 200 200 EUR 200
technical eq. 70 70 EUR 70
hotel for jury 200 200 EUR 200
travel expenses for the jury 200 200 EUR 200
catering 1 60ppl. 10 600 EUR 600
image printing 20 260 EUR 260
printing of promotional materials 50 EUR 50
5 T-shirts T-shirts 7 21 7 147 EUR 147 T-shirts are for volunteers and consolation prizes for the 4 and 5 place. One t-shirt for a best article in edit-a-thon.
6 website hosting+domain 150 EUR 150
design 1 300 300 EUR 300
7 Edit-a-thon 1 50 50 EUR 50 snacks and refreshments
8 Miscellaneous and reserves 100 100 EUR 100

Total cost of project[edit]

  • €3757/$4,221.7 USD

Total amount requested[edit]

Total amount requested from the Project and Event Grants Program.

  • €3757/$4,221.7 USD

Additional sources of revenue[edit]

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Non-financial requirements[edit]

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  • Permission to use the Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons logo for promotional purposes of the event.


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