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Africa Wiki Challenge 2021 in Rwanda
Africa Wiki Challenge 2021 in Rwanda
targetBoth English and Kinyarwanda Wikipedia ( &
start date23th May
end date30th June
budget (local currency)1,669,599 RWF
budget (USD)1,670 USD
grant typegroup
grantee• [[User:Clementine|Clementine]]
contact(s)• cleparfait2012(_AT_)• Boris Bahire
organization (if applicable)• Wikimedia Community User Group Rwanda

Review your report

Please see the sample Contest application before drafting your application.

Project Goal[edit]

Choose one or more of the following goals. You can add or delete goals as needed.

  1. Add or improve content
  2. Recruit new editors
  3. Engage existing editors

Project Plan[edit]


Tell us how you'll carry out your project. Be sure to answer the following questions:
1. What content will the contest focus on, and why is it important to your community?

The challenge is aimed at generating African-related content on & The content on many landmarks that cover historical, cultural, geographical and places of national significance to any country on the African continent(This includes but is not limited to);

Monuments - Statues, Memorials, Historic buildings, Archaeological sites, etc. National Demarcations - Districts, Municipalities, Metropolitan, Regions, States, etc. Geographical Endowments - Mountains, Valleys, Forests, Waterfalls, Wildlife Reserves, Beaches, etc. Infrastructural Developments - Roads, Hospitals, Churches, Mosques, Schools, Rails, Water parks, Hotels, Theme parks, etc. --> Community notification link under the month of May :

2. How will you let people know about the contest?

We shall reach them using Emails, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, radio stations and phone calls.

3. How will you judge the contest and award prizes?

We have a team of 4 experienced editors who judge the contestants performances.

4. For photo contests, what is the strategy to get images used on projects?

We shall announce the contest, engage new editors and make it fun

5. Are you running any in-person events or activities? If so, you will need to complete the steps outlined on the Risk Assessment protocol related to COVID-19. When you have completed these steps, please provide a link to your completed copy of the risk assessment tool below:

No, we are not planning to do any in-person event.

6. Is there anything else you want to tell us about this project?


How will you know if the project is successful and you've met your goals? Please include the following targets and feel free to add more:

For photo contests:

  1. Number of participants ;
  2. Number of photos uploaded to Wikimedia Commons ;
  3. Number of photos used on Wikimedia projects ;

For writing contests:

  1. Number of participants ;30
  2. Number of articles created or improved:50


What resources do you have? Include information on who is organizing the project, what they will do, and if you will receive support from anywhere else (in-kind donations or additional funding).

  1. Clementine - Project Lead
  2. Boris- Assistant Project Lead
  3. Derrick -Assistant Project Lead
  4. Rebeccah - Assistant Project Lead

What resources do you need? For your funding request, list bullet points for each expense and include a total amount.

1 USD = 999.76 as of 15 April 2021 [1]

Project budget table[edit]

Category Item Quantity Rate (USD) Total (USD) Summary
Communication & Promotion 1 $150 $150 We will use of social media platforms (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, Radio) for advertising the contest with an aim of reaching out so many people.
Internet costs 30 $35 $1,050 This will cover the edit-a-thons, writing and warding ceremony
Certificates 30 $3 $90 This will cover the appreciation certificates design & printing for the participants.
Prizes 1 $250 $250 We shall award the top 3 winners the vouchers with diversified values as follow: 1st ($100),2nd ($80), 3rd (70)
Jury gifts 1 $100 $100 Jury members will be given voucher gifts after selecting the winners.
Contingency Amount 1 $30 $30 Unforeseen expenses.
Total: USD 1,670


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