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Grants:Project/Rapid/Nirajan Pant/Doteli Wikipedia 1st Anniversary Celebration

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Doteli Wikipedia 1st Anniversary Event
We're planning to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Doteli Wikipedia. Additionally, we've planning to organize a meet-up with other wikimedia affiliates in Nepal along with the linguistic and open source communities in Nepal for open collaboration on Wikimedia Movement.
targetDoteli Wikipedia
start dateApril 22
end dateApril 24
budget (local currency)58,000
budget (USD)553
grant typeIndividual
granteeNirajan pant
contact(s)• nirajan_pant(_AT_)yahoo.com• janak.bhatta.np@gmail.com- Janak Bhatta
organization (if applicable)• Doteli Wikimedians

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Project Goal[edit]

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  1. Familiarization and community build up between Doteli Wikipedia community members and other stakeholders
  2. Discussion of 1 years journey of Doteli Wikipedia
  3. Review the one year period of Doteli Wikipedia (i.e. after dty got it’s own domain).
  4. Increase skills for existing editors

Project Plan[edit]


This meetup program is proposed in the occasion of 1st anniversary of Doteli Wikipedia dated April 24, 2018. The purpose of meetup is to celebrate the day with discussions on the its journey after being launched in the main domain, review of the 1 year of journey, and the future planning and scope of Doteli Wikipedia. The activities are listed here-

  1. Doteli Wikipedia 1st anniversary celebration
  2. T-shirts, Pamphlets and Flyer printing and distribution
  3. Interaction program with Nepali Wikimedians and other stakeholders from different fields
  4. Meeting for the discussion of 1 years journey of Doteli Wikipedia and reviewing it for deriving the plan for the coming year
  1. We have already discussed on Doteli Wikipedia Community village pump


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  1. Review of the current status of Doteli Wikipedia
  2. Plan for the next 1 year to increase awareness and the number of contributors in Doteli Wikipedia
  3. Number of total participants at Doteli Wikipedia anniversary event: 20-30
  4. Number of people who will help organize the event: 4-6


S.N. Type of Expense Approx. Amount (NPR) Comments
1 Banners and Stickers 3,000
2 Travel Expenses 5,000 Transportation cost during event
3 Food and Beverages 25,000
4 Cake 3,000 Anniversary Cake
5 T-Shirt 15,000 1 year celebration T-Shirt
6 Miscellaneous 7,000 Stationery, welcome scarf e.t.c
Total 58,000

Resource Persons[edit]