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This page is a translated version of the page Help:Renaming users and the translation is 50% complete.
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  • 务必在您重命名用户时勾选方框“移动用户和讨论页面(和子页面)至新用户名”来移动用户页。如果您重命名一个具有破坏/冒充目的的账户,旧用户页很可能就存在破坏,这样您可以预先(或稍后)将其删除,但如果您决定移动任何不应重定向到新用户名的东西时,请不要忘记删除重定向。
  • 不要夺取任何做出贡献的账户。
    • 例外:诋毁性(破坏/滥发信息/钓鱼)账户。


This is the renaming interface. The "Current username:" is the account that needs to be renamed. The "New username:" is the account that the user has requested. Write a reason for renaming in the third dialog box. If necessary, check the box that says "Move user and talk pages (and their subpages) to new name". You can check the Show block log for user before renaming. Clicking the Submit button will initiate the rename.
This is a warning prior to the rename but it does not always show up.
Check the box that says "Yes, rename the user" to attempt a rename despite the warning.
This is an error message that is shown when the account name is in use. You will need to "usurp" the account as shown below.


This is the rename interface. Notice that the "Current username:" is the target from the section above. In the "New username:" box the word "(usurped)" has been added to "Old Account" to indicate that it is being moved out of the way to make room for "New Account".
This is a warning that sometimes appears before the rename. Check the box that says "Yes, rename the user" to continue with the usurpation.
This is the notice of a successful usurpation. You have made it possible to rename "New Account" to "Old Account", which will be the next step.
This is the warning prior to the rename, but it does not show up all the time. Check the box that says "Yes, rename the user" to continue with the usurpation.