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Kiwix Wikimedians User Group

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Welcome to Kiwix Wikimedians User Group


Welcome to the Kiwix Wikimedians User Group , a community of passionate individuals committed to expanding access to open knowledge through the use of Kiwix technology within the Wikimedia framework. We believe that knowledge should be freely accessible to all, regardless of internet connectivity or geographical location. With Kiwix, we aim to bridge the digital divide and make Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects available to underserved communities.

Goals and objectives

The group Kiwix Wikimedians User Group has the following primary objectives:

  • Promote Open Knowledge: We strive to advance the principles of open knowledge by advocating for the use of Kiwix to provide offline access to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. We believe that open access to information is a fundamental right, and we work to make this a reality.
  • Empower Communities: We seek to empower communities, especially in remote areas, by providing them with the tools and knowledge to access, contribute to, and benefit from Wikimedia projects. We aim to foster a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  • Collaborate and Innovate: We are dedicated to collaborating with like-minded organizations, educational institutions, and individuals to innovate and develop new ways of utilizing Kiwix for knowledge dissemination. We actively support research and projects that leverage Kiwix to enhance access to Wikimedia content.
  • Support Kiwix Users: Provide support and resources to Kiwix users, including technical assistance, troubleshooting, and guidance on setting up and using Kiwix software effectively. The User Group serves as a community where users can seek assistance and share their experiences.
  • Content Curation: Collaborate on curating and updating offline content collections. This may involve selecting specific Wikimedia projects, languages, or topics of interest and ensuring that the offline content remains up-to-date and relevant.

Proposed Activities

The activities for a Kiwix Wikimedians User Group can be diverse, focusing on promoting the use of Kiwix, community building, advocacy, and collaborative initiatives. Here are some of the activities:

  • Workshops and Training Sessions:

Conduct workshops to introduce Kiwix to Wikimedia communities. Provide training sessions on installing, using, and contributing to Kiwix.

  • Community Building:

Establish online forums and discussion groups for Kiwix users and contributors. Organize virtual and local meetups to foster a sense of community.

  • Documentation and Guides:

Create and maintain comprehensive documentation and guides for using Kiwix. Develop tutorials and resources to assist users and potential contributors.

  • Advocacy Campaigns:

Launch advocacy campaigns to promote the benefits of offline access through Kiwix. Collaborate with other Wikimedia user groups to amplify advocacy efforts.

  • Collaboration with Institutions:

Reach out to educational institutions, libraries, and organizations to promote Kiwix for offline access to Wikimedia content. Explore partnerships for distributing Kiwix in offline environments.

  • Translation and Localization:

Engage the community in translating Kiwix interfaces and documentation into multiple languages. Promote localization efforts to make Kiwix accessible to a wider audience.

Comprehensive Targets and Synchronized Resolution

Resolution of Kiwix Wikimedians User Group

Date: Dated 15 August, 2023

Title: Commitment to Rules Adherence and Global Collaboration

Whereas , Kiwix Wikimedians User Group is committed to promoting open knowledge and ensuring that Wikimedia projects and Kiwix technology are accessible to all, especially in regions with limited internet connectivity;

Whereas, collaboration and cooperation with other Wikimedia User Groups, chapters, and open knowledge organizations are essential to achieving our goals;

Whereas, upholding the values and principles of the Wikimedia movement and the broader open knowledge community is fundamental to our mission;

Now, therefore, be it resolved that:

  • Kiwix Wikimedians User Group reaffirms its commitment to adhering to the rules, guidelines, and policies established by the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia affiliates, and the broader Wikimedia community.
  • Kiwix Wikimedians User Group commits to fostering collaboration and partnership with other Wikimedia User Groups, chapters, and open knowledge organizations globally. We recognize the strength and impact that collaborative efforts can bring to advancing open knowledge initiatives.
  • Kiwix Wikimedians User Group will actively engage in knowledge sharing, resource exchange, and joint projects with other Wikimedia and open knowledge entities to promote the accessibility and availability of Wikimedia content through Kiwix technology.
  • Kiwix Wikimedians User Group will uphold the Wikimedia movement's core values of openness, transparency, diversity, and inclusivity in all its activities and interactions.
  • Kiwix Wikimedians User Group will actively seek opportunities for collaboration, participation, and contribution to global Wikimedia initiatives and projects, ensuring that Kiwix technology continues to play a vital role in the dissemination of open knowledge.

This resolution affirms our commitment to being a responsible and collaborative member of the Wikimedia and open knowledge communities, working together toward our shared vision of free access to knowledge for all.

Approved by:

  • Ibrahim Yakubu
  • Umar Aliyu
  • Misbahu Umar
  • Hajara Sani Abdullahi


Interested in participating


Everyone interested in joining us is highly welcome! just add your name to the list by using #~~~~:

  1. User:787IYO
  2. User:Galdiz
  3. User:Hajjo30
  4. User:Sirryboi
  5. User:Umar Ahmad2345
  6. User:Musa Ahmad999
  7. User:M I Idrees
  8. User:Saudarh2
  9. User: El-hussain14
  10. User:Bikhrah
  11. User:Jidda3711
  12. User:Ummiya44
  13. User:Zahrah0
  14. User:Mrymaa
  15. User:Hafsat3639
  16. User:Fateekachan
  17. User:Hauwa'u Sulaiman
  18. User:Naja'atu Bintoo Usman
  19. User:Aisha Yahuza
  20. User:Abraham442
  21. User:Meemees9892
  22. User:Nafee330
  23. User:Zully090
  24. User:Ummy081
  25. User:Slimzypotter
  26. User:Sarki081
  27. User:Juwairiya070
  28. User:Ironlady090
  29. User:Fadindy
  30. User:Elameen12
  31. User:Dizzy081
  32. User:Deezon
  33. User:Danaljannah1
  34. User:Bamalli080
  35. User:Auta6943
  36. User:Amusa34
  37. User:Adm34
  38. User:MohammedBama123
  39. User:Umargana1
  40. Misbahu umar (talk) 16:11, 21 September
  41. Jameel35 (talk) 19:10, 21 September 2023 (UTC)2023 (UTC)[reply]
  42. User:sadammuhammad11234 20:32, 22 September 2023 (UTC)[reply]
  43. SIRTEE1 (talk) 20:37, 27 September 2023 (UTC)[reply]
  44. GastelEtzwane (talk) 16:06, 20 December 2023 (UTC)[reply]
  45. Haweey7575 (talk) 08:09, 14 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]
  46. PenScribe (talk) 09:59, 30 jun 2024 (UTC)

Add the kiwix template to your User page to show your membership/Ambassadorship in Kiwix Wikimedians User Group and automatically this will pop up:

This user is a Kiwix ambassador.

Contact Information

Currently, utilize the discussion page as the main point of contact or contact Ibrahimyakubu8026@gmail.com

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E-mail address:Ibrahimyakubu8026@gmail.com

E-mail address:Umaramaina10@gmail.com

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