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Kusaal Wikimedia Community

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Kusaal Wikimedia Community

Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana
LocationGlobal Online Community-based
Country code
  • GH
Main officeBawku
Official language(s)
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Key people
ReportsAnnual Reports
AffiliationsGlobal Open Initiative
Phone number+233 (0)240411115/+233
Mobile number+233 (0)244549478
Mailing listdagbani@list.wikimedia.org
Mailing addressc/o Dagbani Wikimedians User Group, P.O. Box294 Education Ridge, Tamale, Ghana
MottoPromoting Wikimedia projects in Kusaal and sister Mole-Dagbani languages

Kusaal is a Gur language spoken primarily in northern Ghana, and Burkina Faso. It is spoken by over 150,000 people and takes its name from the Kusasi people. There are also some Kusasi in Togo. Kusaal is closely related to Mampruli, the language of the Mamprussi, who live to the south, and to Dagbani. There is a major dialect division between Agole, to the east of the Volta River, and Toende, to the West. Agole has more speakers, and the only large town in the district, Bawku, is in Agole. The New Testament translation is in the Agole dialect.

The general and accepted name for the language is Kusaal. The name Kusasi Is mostly used to refer to the people who speak the language, and it is unaccepted by native speakers to refer to the language.

The language is a fairly typical representative of the Western Oti–Volta low-level grouping within Gur, which includes several of the more widely spoken languages of Northern Ghana, and also Moore, the largest African language of Burkina Faso (and the largest of all Gur languages, with millions of speakers).


  1. To promote awareness of Wikimedia projects related to Kusaal in Ghana.
  2. To establish the development of Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia and Wiktionary for Kusaal language via the Wikimedia incubator, and nurture them to become full projects.
  3. To promote editing of Wikimedia projects in this language by organizing events and activities, and recruiting new editors.
  4. To promote the development of structured data for the 16 Mole-Dagbani languages, utilizing Wikidata, so that these languages can become more digitally usable and visible on the internet.
  5. To equip editors of projects in Kusaal language with skills and ability for thedcontinues development of Wikimedia projects.

Not yet!

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