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The Grantmaking Learning & Evaluation team is holding a series of online training sessions and hackathons to introduce other Wikimedians to a new kind of information resource we are promoting called Learning patterns.

Learning patterns are a simple format for documenting and sharing key learnings--advice, important considerations, and solutions to common problems that we encounter when we work on projects that are geared towards having a positive impact on the Wikimedia Movement's strategic goals.

Joining and Participating

Each session will provide a basic overview of learning patterns, and give participants an opportunity to learn how to use patterns to capture important lessons they have learned in the course of their work.

The 90 minute sessions will be facilitated by Learning Strategist Jonathan Morgan and Learning and Evaluation Manager Jessie Wild. They will take place over Google Hangout, which makes it easier to collaborate and discuss things in real time (participants are free to turn off their own audio and video). The hangout link will be provided to participants on Wikimedia Office IRC channel (#wikimedia-office) and via email at the time of the session.

If more than ~15 people sign up for a hackathon, we may set the hangout as a "broadcast" hangout to make it easier for everyone to listen in. In that case, we will chat with one another via IRC (channel TBD). This setup is similar to the monthly Wikimedia Metrics and Activities meeting.


Introduction to learning patterns
What do we mean by "pattern"? What do we mean by "learning"? To start things off, we will discuss what Learning Patterns are, and what they're good for.
How to create a pattern
We'll go over the steps for creating a learning pattern, and talk about the important features to include to make your pattern effective.
Pattern hacking session
Finally, we'll spend approximately half of the session actually working on creating new patterns and improving existing ones. You can create patterns on your own or in collaboration with someone else. There will be resources available to help you brainstorm new patterns, if you can't think of anything that you want to write about.
Pattern feedback
once we've been through the process of creating patterns on our own, participants will have some time to give feedback on the learning pattern idea and the pattern-creation process. This feedback will help the Grantmaking & Program teams support folks who are interested in creating patterns and using them to design and implement projects, and evaluate impact.

Upcoming hackathons

December 17th, 2013

17 December, 2013. 16:00 - 17:30 UTC (90 minutes)

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Previous hackathons

14 November, 2013. 17:00 UTC
90 minutes