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Lingua Libre/SignIt/2022/Phase 1

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I'm coming back to you Pyb following your request for information on the SignIt for Firefox[0a] add-on, which I took over at the end of 2020 when 0x010C[0b] left. You will find below a technical inventory, the developments carried out, the current limits and the possible opportunities.

SignIt app: technical review[edit]

  1. Early 2021: Migration fr -> .org, add-on fixed.[1]
  2. July 2022: "Contribute" button is fixed[2].
  3. July 2022: the 2 display bugs on wikipedia and lemonde.fr [3a,3b]
  4. 659 videos[5] are available via Commons.

Viewpoint: The addon is up and running, the repository is clean, all relatively easy to maintain.


  1. The number of video-words present (659) is low.
  2. Glitch Lingualibre RecordWizard[6]: LinguaLibre video recordings appear on Commons as audio[6], surely a small tag to fix.

Point of view: the low lexical coverage and the ambiguity of the contribution do not allow Wikimedia France to promote this educational tool.

Strategic point of view[edit]

On the strategic side, it seems to me that SignIt retains good potential since it is in line with the objectives of the foundation (inclusiveness, diversity), strong points of WMFR (:fr:wikt) and actually very practical (real usefulness of the plugin). the avenues for contributions and valuation are visible.

SignIt Project: Opportunities[edit]

In terms of contributing resources, we have identified library contributors in the French Open Source and deaf community in Toulouse[7], as well as a research center working on the recognition of signed videos in Kazakhstan[8]. These contacts are currently not in use.

In a second step, with a tool developed and operational, an established LSF production, other sign languages (American, German, Spanish, etc.) will be used.

Solutions to unlock and advance[edit]

In terms of development resources, it's probably either 5 days of development, ~2500€ on Lingualibre in order to resolve the video recording[6]. This point seems too complex for "passing" volunteers, but modest for a full-time web developer. The profile sought: web / php developer.

On the content side, a collaboration with Toulouse, which already films free videos for PeerTube but lacks a suitable tool, seems natural. See with them.

Positive communication operations are possible: "WMfr and inclusiveness"; "Learn LSF by reading Wikipedia"; "100 common signs to hack your daily life"; "100 signs for your baby", you will find better than me how to hook the reader-donor.

Here is the field information that I can send back to Wikimedia France. I'm moving on to other projects. 👍

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