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Hello team.

Second state of the art after the 2022 Lingua Libre Hackathon, where I worked a lot on SignIt.


Project definition[edit]

A project page now defines this project : Lingua Libre/SignIt.

The raison d'être of the project was posed in alignment with the strategic axes of the Wikimedia Foundation (inclusiveness):

Lingua Libre SignIt aims to increase awareness and mastery of signed languages ​​among the general public.
[...] We believe universal and transgenerational designs helps individuals and society to be more resilient, inclusive, peaceful and efficient.

Target audiences[edit]

In consumption, the general public of all major languages.

In production, signers in French (LSF) and foreign signed languages.[1]


Summer 2022 > SignIt > Phase[edit]

The effort was conducted through one month of development by myself, in two phases:

  • Phase 1 pre-hackathon: handling and repair of the existing (see previous report)
  • Phase 2 hackathon and post-hackathon: addition of functionalities in view of an improved and multi-league compatible service.

Developments carried out on Phase 2:

  1. Added "double video playback, normal then slow speed" option
  2. Added "sign language choice" option
  3. Added "choice of interface language" option
  4. Added "quick access icon"
  5. Added "colorization of available words"
  6. Added a location system (i18n), for point 3.

On the organizational side:

  1. Added the project to Translatewiki, completed translations in 25 languages ​​and 27 locales: ar,de,en,es,fr,he,hi,it,ja,kk,ko,mk,nb,pt,pt-br,ru ,scn,sv,tl,tr,zh-hans,zh-hant,sw.[2]
  2. Project page creation: Lingua Libre/SignIt.

The application is now stable and friendly, ready to solicit target audiences.

Remaining blockage: LinguaLibre[edit]

Two blockages on the production side in LinguaLibre's video recording studio :

  • T312554 - Sign language video recordings appear as audio on Commons.[3]
  • T316097 - Sign language video recording stuck on first word forever.[4]

These lingual bugs seem fixable.

LinguaLibre SignIt-all.png



Outreach is possible to:

  • French (LSF) and foreign signed communities.[1]
  • foreign Wikimedian communities, as relays.

Development partnerships are possible: the modest-sized extension can be handled in a few days, accessible to computer science students.

The interest of the developers seems visible:

  • Amire80 (Israel, i18n), Manu1400 (France, JS best practices), Kravekdu (France, translation) made minor contributions.
  • The Github directory (stable) lists possible further developments.
  • The extension seems portable to other browsers.[5]

Competition and alliances[edit]

Note: this section worth expanding in the future.[edit]

This active project mainly in 2014~2015.

They index and load their videos from Youtube.

The site is CC-by, but the videos themselves are hosted on Yourtube and the copyright status are unclear and likely diverse.

Their production chain is archaic compared to Lingualibre Record Wizard (video).

⇒ Friction = opportunity for innovation (Lingua Libre recording) = possible collaboration.

Their network is interesting and a possible axis of development for the Lingualibre civic service. See pending contacts.[1]

Elix Bubble[edit]

The extension La Bulle Elix[6]

  • is better made.
  • has a good lead on the video side with 25,000 videos, while we have just 660.
  • Francophone, not open licensed and without RecordWizard, Elix's growth potential in France and abroad is therefore nearly nil.

→ We can catch up with them with 60 hours of video recording, assuming Lingua Libre Recording Studio is fixed.

Video creation[edit]

Sign language studio-fra-sea shell-anonimized.jpg

Lingua Libre Recording Studio[7] can video record 400 signed words per hour.

This remains the most effective way to boost Lingualibre SignIt.

This system, which worked for 2 years, requires debugging.

Top priorities[edit]

I must repeat :

  1. SignIt is attracting public interest, the extension is easy to use, sign languages are really easy to learn, every public can consume bits of it.
  2. SignIt has activist contributors at reach, contacted, ready to produce content when the recording system is fixed.
  3. SignIt is ready to receive content in various sign languages and valorize immediately those content toward 20+ of the largest lingusitic communities.
  4. Wikimedia has the visibility and userbase to make SignIt a popular extension and actually spread sign language mastery. (inclusivity)
  5. SignIt present a low-hanging opportunities, easy to seize.

The priority is therefore to :

  1. remedy the remaining bugs on LinguaLibre" (see above)
  2. make SignIt known to our networks in order to...
  3. identify, contact, and "activate" willing signers.[7]

See also "Minimalist guide to creating signed videos".[8]

Closing of phase 2[edit]

The code, repository (tickets, docs), and wiki pages (meta, translatewiki) are stable and clean.

This 2nd post-hackathon inventory closes the refloating and the 2022 summer sprint.

This report will be published on meta.

Best regards, Yug (talk) 18:45, 16 September 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

See also[edit]


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