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Mailing lists/Fundraising

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This mailing list has been closed. There is now a public list at fundraiser (archive).

The fundraising mailing list is a working place to manage, discuss and improve fundraising.

  • share of best practices
  • develop a messaging strategy that incorporates community members and chapters from the start
  • develop a shared timeline for fundraisers and a shared sense of ownership between WMF and Wikimedia chapters
  • talk through any procedural aspects of the fundraising agreement, reporting, revenue sharing, etc.
  • define technical specifications for software to-be-developed
  • capture individual action items and responsibilities

Once a year, administrators of the list will clean it up (checking membership and removing if necessary)

  • the list will be private, but not intended to be confidential (no forward of information without prior approval though)
  • joining should be rather easy. Aside from obvious members (eg, staff in charge of fundraiser), membership will be granted when at least 2 current members of the list support the candidate. Concept will be to avoid the trolls
  • archives will be kept
  • list will be owned by WMF. At least 2 moderators not from WMF.
  • All requests are processed by the list admin. Write to fundraising-owner(_AT_)lists.wikimedia.org.
  • By default (will be on the list, just ask the list admin)
    • WMF or Wikimedia chapters staff dealing with fundraising
    • fundraising contact points between WMF and Wikimedia Chapters
  • If thought suitable by the chapter, without need for approval (the chair writes to the list admin)
    • Wikimedia chapters or WMF treasurers
    • Wikimedia chapters or WMF chairs
  • With approval of two members from the list
    • anyone interested and helpful (just write to the list admin and explain who you are and why you're interested)