Movement Charter/Community Consultations/2023/Pilipinas Panorama Community

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This is a comprehensive summary of the translations and conversations conducted within reach by Pilipinas Panorama Community.

Movement Charter Translations 2023[edit]

Wikimedia Movement Charter
Document English Tagalog

Content Content Mga Nilalaman
Movement Charter Movement Charter Tipang Kasulatan ng Kilusan Tipang Kasuratan
Preamble Preamble Pambungad Pambungad
Values & Principles Values & Principles Mga Pinagpapahalagaan at Paninindigan Mga Pigpapahalagaan asin mga Prinsipyo
Roles & Responsibilities Roles & Responsibilities Mga Ginagampanan at Pananagutan Mga Kagampanan asin mga Katundan
Hubs Hubs Hubs Hubs
Global Council Global Council Pandaigdigang Konseho Pankinaban na Konseho
Glossary Glossary Glossary Glossary
One-page draft One-page draft Isang-pahinang draft Sarong-pahinang draft
Conversations Conversations Mga Talakayan
Community Consultation Community Consultation Konsultasyon sa Pamayanan
Drafting Committee Drafting Committee Drafting Committee

Inclusive Dates[edit]

Movement Charter Conversation (Round 1) for Tagalog & Bicol 2023[edit]

Movement Charter Conversation (Round 2) for Tagalog & Bicol 2023[edit]

Movement Charter Conversation (ESEAP Hub Consultation) 2023[edit]


Open Questions regarding Fund Dissemination


Open Questions regarding Fund Dissemination
  • What role should the Global Council have in fund dissemination?
    • Oversight or review of WMF decisions

We agree.

    • Coordination with WMF
    • Other (please elaborate)

As opportunities for funding are disseminated to benefit recognized Affiliates mostly, underrepresented communities will potentially benefit from the Global Council's wider scope of representation.

  • Should there be a committee that reports to the Global Council and handles central/cross-regional fund dissemination?
  • What should be the Global Council’s role with regard to the allocation of the funds within the WMF?
    • The Global Council should be consulted on the allocation of the funds within the WMF.
    • The Global Council should have no role in the allocation of the funds within the WMF and only be informed.
    • Other (please elaborate)

Open Questions regarding Structure
  • Should the Global Council exist only as an Executive Bodyor should it exist as an Executive Body with an Advisory Board? (See scenarios below)

► If the Global Council is an executive body with an Advisory Board, how are the members of both entities (executive body and advisory board) seated?

Suggestion: The executives draft "decrees", albeit the advisors participate in their ratification.

► With its size, the Global Council must have adequate diversity and clout, but not be so large as to undermine effectiveness.

As an executive body, how many members should the Global Council have?

  • Option 1: 24 members
  • Option 2: 15 members

Open Questions regarding Membership

With an intention to ensure fair representation, power balance, and promote diversity and inclusivity within the Global Council, we seek your inputs on the following:

  1. Should there be some imposed limits to the membership in terms of movement representation?

Please share your opinions about potential criteria of such limits:

  1. Should there be a regional cap, e.g. max 3 persons from a single region? If yes, please specify the condition.

Beyond the eight official DHS-recognized global regions on the world map:

Northern Africa
Eastern Africa
Middle Africa
Southern Africa
Western Africa
Asia [1]
South Asia
East Asia
West Asia
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
North America
Central America
South America

  1. Should there be a home project or entity cap, e.g. max 2 persons from a single wiki project or affiliate? If yes, please specify the condition.
  2. Should there be a specific cap for large[2] language communities, projects, or affiliates, e.g. not more than 5 seats from between the 5 largest projects? If yes, please specify the condition.
  3. Should there be any other limits for Global Council membership? If yes, please specify the condition.

Other feedback about the draft chapter:

  • ...
  • ...
  • ...


Community Question: Should there be a limit to how many hubs an affiliate can join? (Please elaborate on your answer.)

Since Hubs are supportive and complementary in purpose, regional affiliates should be able to join non-regional hubs as they are capable of (e.g. thematic hubs). Despite this, guidelines from the Global Council should be set in place. The Hubs themselves should be transparent with their respective criteria for membership.


  • Regional Affiliate
    • Regional Hub
    • Thematic Hub (GLAM)
    • Thematic Hub (Language)

Other feedback about the draft chapter:

  • Hubs should support Affiliates with their fiscal reporting, including training Affiliate staff in doing so.
  • Hubs should play a supporting role in affiliate development.
  • Hubs are not to duplicate affiliates albeit should provide spaces for collaboration.
  • Hubs may provide opportunities for individual contributors outside of what Affiliates are capable of.
  • Affiliates and Hubs as distinct entities: AffCom being responsible for affiliates; the Global Council taking direct responsibility for Hubs. To do that, these must not be micromanaged by the same quorum. In this manner, the GC can support affiliates and mediate with Affcom when an affiliate is in need of support.


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Miscellaneous feedback

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  • ...
  • ...

  2. As determined by number of active editors for projects and voting members for affiliates