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Movement Strategy Global Conversations, June 26-27

There have been many conversations about the Movement Charter, the cornerstone of the Movement Strategy implementation. Given the need to start working on this important document, we are dedicating the next round of conversations to the Movement Charter drafting committee.

Movement Strategy/Events/Movement Charter Global Conversation, 26-27 June 2021/Movement Strategy Global Events Telegram group report

Vi foreslår:

  1. To focus the conversation on three questions that need answers in order to create the committee.
  2. To start the discussions about these questions on-wiki and other community channels, in many languages.
  3. By the end of Saturday, June 26, organize local video conversations for specific projects, languages, or regions around these three questions, producing a report available in English for each.
  4. During Sunday, June 27, organize global video conversations specific to each question (90 minutes).
  5. After this round, collect all the feedback received and publish a draft proposal to create the drafting committee, for community consideration.

The questions proposed are based on the discussions organized on June 12-13:

The Movement Charter drafting committee is expected to work as a diverse and skilled team of about 15 members for several months. They should receive regular support from experts, regular community reviews, and opportunities for training and an allowance to offset costs.

  • What composition should the committee have in terms of movement roles, gender, regions, affiliations and other diversity factors?
  • What is the best process to select the committee members to form a competent and diverse team?
  • How much dedication is it reasonable to expect from committee members, in terms of hours per week and months of work? Should the initial members commit for the whole duration of the project or should renewals be expected?

We are producing a short introduction to the Movement Charter and the context of these questions that will be published on Meta and translated to many languages. This intro should reflect the different perspectives and should allow most participants to form their opinions without having to dive into all the previous discussions. We want to make it easy for people to contribute answers to these questions.

The objective of this round of text and video conversations is to gather in-depth, diverse, quality feedback to support the next steps in the creation of the Movement Charter drafting committee.

The Movement Charter will define roles and responsibilities in the Wikimedia Movement, and it will lay out a new Global Council for movement governance. Join the text and/or video conversations and bring your perspectives!

Movement Strategy Global Conversations, June 12-13