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NCPUG: Uploading Nigerian Files into Wikimedia Commons to various Wikimedia Sister P.

General Information


Nigerian Commons Photographers User Group

Nigerian Commons Photographers User Group is an initiative, a collaboration of Nigerian photographers editors and contributors to develop and publish Nigerian related files into Wikimedia Commons. And the flexibility of using those files into various local wiki and Wikimedia projects. The User Group aim to publish their images under free licenses, it also extend its scope with Audio and Video files as part what Wikimedia Commons accumulate and required, to balance the insufficient usage of Audio and Video files in the entire Wikimedia Projects, especially the use of audio files in local Wikitionaries.

Photography Team

Audio Team

Video Team

Goals and objectives[edit]

This user group wants to achieve the following objectives, you can find a detail objectives below this section

  • Aiming in recruit photographers, sound engineers and video uploaders to Wikimedia Commons.
  • Promoting the conceptual ideas of increasing the number of free licensed Nigerian files in Commons with photos, audio and videos
  • Make campaign about contributing to Wikimedia Commons.
  • Meet up, Edith-a-thon and Workshops on how to snap, upload, license releasing and Edit Wikimedia Commons within Nigeria.
  • Upload more pictures to Wikimedia Commons.
  • Improve Wikipedia articles with Nigerian related pictures that are uploaded in Commons.
  • To help Editors with tools, skills and experience required for Wikimedia Movement progression.
  • Shared skills to new users and create friendly atmosphere to editors in other to stayed and contribute to Wikimedia Commons.
  • Trainings and bringing new editors to contribute to Wikimedia movement with images, sound and videos.

Detail Objectives and Overlapping Resolution

The links below are set of information, plans and way of carrying activities not to overlap any Nigerian Wikimedia Affiliates, generated to elaborate a detail explanation on how Nigerian Commons Photographers User Group will work effectively on its scope in carrying Wikimedia projects and related activities in Wikimedia Commons without overlapping other Wikimedia Affiliates a such to avoid overlapping, conflict, deficiency and lack of unity across Wikimedia Affiliates.

Also, to limit the expansion of Nigerian Commons Photographers User Group by going beyond the proposed scope, goals, and objectives which the User Group is intending to achieve, as such which will not cause in any direct or indirect potential overlapping/conflict with the existing Affiliates.

Moreover, a set of plan to provide coordination/collaboration with other Wikimedia Affiliates in a friendly space manner by abiding the Friendly Space Policy and the Universal Code of Conduct that will boost partnership with existing Affiliates in developing Wikimedia projects at large.

Moreover, Wikimedia Sister Projects and User Group Affiliates are in collaboration with each other towards developing Wikimedia sister projects and the willingness of contributing free knowledge and sharing it across the world, also, Affiliates are freely allowed to collaborate and work together with the existing Affiliates as individuals, groups or organization in provision of progress in entire Wikimedia Movement align with Wikimedia activities. All existing Affiliates in Nigeria have been notified in their talk pages for unity, collaboration and understanding, starting by Wikimedia User Group Nigeria, Hausa Wikimedian User Group, Igbo Wikimedian User Group and Yoruba Wikimedian User Group, as such will make it very clear to every Nigerian Affiliates that The Nigerian Commons Photographers User Group are in good faith with the existing affiliates and will surely work with them in areas that we need them or they need us in bringing development in Wikimedia ecosystem, and to shun being overlapped on any of their scope/areas which they were doing before founding of NCPUG.


  • Nigerian Commons Photographers User Group meet up
  • Creating awareness across Nigeria and Wikimedia world about uploading free-licensed images and files into Wikimedia Commons.
  • Filling the gap of free-licensed audio and video files through campaign, project and edit-a-thon, that Wikimedia Commons is not only on images, known as #Audio and Video Needed
  • Actively increasing the number of quality images through individual work upload and group projects.
  • Graphics design and Calligraphy: Inviting graphics designers and expertise in order to train interesting editors on how to create logos, fliers and graphics design images suitable for inclusion into Wikimedia Commons.
  • Enhancing our members' photography skills by teaching and sharing each other's experience
  • Wikimedia Commons Online Training to achieve all of the above.
  • Tools webinars on how to make use of images, audio and video in Wikimedia at large, using template tools and other aspect of Wikimedia editing.
  • Participating in International pictorial contest and project like Wiki Loves Africa to rapidly increase the quality files, files that are needed and making use of them. Check our yearly participartion in Wiki Loves Africa 2022 or Wiki Loves Africa and NCPUG.
  • Set of plans to uploads large number of files in Wikimedia Commons to impact Wikimedia Mission towards 2023.
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1-Commons Wikimedia Workshop; a training that will engage photographers and users across Nigeria in understanding the basics of contributing to Wikimedia Commons.

2-Nigerian Commons Photographers Edith-a-thon (June, 2021): this is a project that will improve the skills of editors in making contribution to Wikimedia Commons.

3-Nigerian Commons Photographers Meet-up (August, 2021)

4- Nigerian Public Domain Workshop.(July, 2021)


On 2 February, 2019, a group of editors were gathered and discussed matters on how to create a User Group that will develop the skills of Nigerian Commons Photographers, to improve quality and quantity of images related to Nigeria files in Wikimedia Commons, many make a suggestion to way forward on aspects that will develop Wikimedia Movements.

On 15 November, 2020, another meeting was held, were the users discuss ways, agenda, objectives and procedures to follow for creation, existence, development and establishment of the user group. On 22 February, 2021, they made a final discussion on how to achieve what they had started Nigerian Commons Photographers User Group meet up.


Editors are encourage to sign up their names down here as members, by signing up you will be engaged with the activities of the this user group, feel free and join, you are highly welcome.

  1. User:MohammedBama123
  2. User: Umargana1
  3. User:Anasskoko
  4. User:sadauki11
  5. user:Bello Na'im
  6. User:Mrniger1
  7. User:Binmaleeek
  8. User:AhmadeeMA
  9. User:DaSupremo
  10. User:M.I Musaddam
  11. TheMajidi
  12. Aisha0006
  13. User:Musa Vacho77
  14. User:Aliyu shaba
  15. User:Sanusi Gado
  16. User:Ibraheem8088
  17. User:Mugu22
  18. User:Uncle Bash007
  19. User:Alameen khalid200
  20. User:paulboht
  21. User:Atibrarian
  22. Prithee P
  23. Kambai Akau
  24. User:Zbobai
  25. Steve Kally (talk) 07:51, 18 March 2022 (UTC)[reply]
  26. Iwuala Lucy
  27. User:SBMuhd1
  28. User:Larabawa66
  29. User:Abdullahi62
  30. User:Abubakar2022
  31. User:Jalal2022
  32. Atig09017 (talk) 22:53, 27 March 2022 (UTC)[reply]
  33. Captain1044
  34. User:HESmuk
  35. User: Accuratecy051
  36. User:Dnshitobu
  37. User: Hussaini Mohammed Inusa
  38. Kojoclicks (talk) 11:17, 13 August 2022 (UTC)[reply]
  39. Newtrains (talk)
  40. User:Abubakr1111
  41. Salisu Adamu (talk) 11:50, 8 May 2023 (UTC)[reply]

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