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A Commons Wikimedian User Group for photographers editors/contributors that are base in Nigeria.


*Recruite new photographers.

*Make campaign about contributing to Wikimedia Commons.

*Meet up, Edith-a-thon and Workshops on how to snap, upload, license releasing and Edit Wikimedia Commons within Nigeria.

*Upload more pictures to Wikimedia Commons.

*Improve Wikipedia articles with Nigerian related pictures that are uploaded in Commons.

*To help Editors with tools, skills and experience required for Wikimedia Movement progression.


  • Nigerian Commons Photographers User Group meet up
  • Graphics design images upload.
  • June Onboarding meeting up: This User Group will organise it's second meet up on june, to share idea with it's members and co founders on how to achieve it's directive goals.
  • Wikimedia Commons Online Training.
  • Tools and Skills acquisition.
  • Nigerian Pictorial Contest


1-Nigerian Commons Photographers Edith-a-thon (June, 2021): this is a project that will improve the skills of editors in making contribution to Wikimedia Commons.

2-Nigerian Commons Photographers Meet-up (August, 2021)

3- Nigerian Public Domain Workshop.(July, 2021)


On 2 February, 2019, a group of editors were gathered and discussed matters on how to create a User Group that will develope the skills of Nigerian Commons Photographers, improve quality and quantity of images related to Nigeria, by suggesting many aspects that will development Wikimedia Development Movements. On 15 November, 2020, another meeting was held, were the users discuss ways, agenda, objectives and procedures to follow for creation, existence, development and establishment of the user group. On 22 February, 2021, they made a final discussion on how to achieve what they had started Nigerian Commons Photographers User Group meet up.


Editors are encourage to sign up their names down here as members, by signing up you will be engaged with the activities of the this user group, feel free and join, you are highly welcome.

  1. User:Anasskoko
  2. User:sadauki11
  3. user:Bello Na'im
  4. User:Yusuf Sa'adu
  5. User:Mrniger1
  6. User:Binmaleeek
  7. User:AhmadeeMA
  8. User:DaSupremo
  9. User:M.I Musaddam
  10. TheMajidi

Interested in participating[edit]

Users are encourage to join by any means either online or offline activities, you can by putting your User name above.

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For now use the discussion page as a primary contact.

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