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Open-source Ticket Request System

For prospective volunteers

Note: This might not be a complete or up-to-date list. Some queues are not listed and some agents have not listed themselves on this page. For a complete list of OTRS accounts, see OTRS/Users. For OTRS agents, a more detailed one can be found on OTRS Wiki. Another list exists on Commons (users with access to permission related queues, bot generated).

This page lists people who contribute to Wikimedia OTRS, with various details useful for collaboration and coordination for reference in finding people who can answer a ticket. If you have an OTRS account, please add yourself! If you have trouble with the templates, just leave your information unformatted on the talk page so one of the gnomes who watchlist this page can add it for you.


This is a table of people with accounts on OTRS and their roles on various projects. Users should list projects on which they have adminship, or for the Foundation site login. Other notes include committees, local chapter officers, or other positions that may be relevant. Please especially list language proficiencies in languages for which there is no OTRS queue yet first.

User Queues Babel WP Admin Commons Admin Meta Admin WMF Steward Other projects Other notes
-revi Info-ko (f), Permissions, Wikibooks, Wikinews, Commons, Photosubmission (f), Wikidata ko, en-3 ko  y   y   y  n:kodv:ko
~riley Info-en, Permissions, Commons en, fr-1, es-1  y  English Wikipedia Account Creation assistance moderator.
80686 info-als, info-de, wm-ch als, de, en-3, fr-1 als MediaWiki Wikimedia CH
Wikimedia Deutschland
Amortias ifo-en en
Anupmehra info-en en English Wikipedia Account Creation assistance.
AFBorchert permissions, info-de, sister projects de, en-3 de  y 
Ahonc info-en, info-ru, permissions uk, ru-4, en-2, de-1  y  crat@uk.wikt; sysop@uk.wb
Ajraddatz info-en, sister projects en-ca-N, fr-1  y  wikidata
Aka info-de de, en-2 de  y 
Alan info-es, permissions, photosubmissions, commons, wikivoyage es, en-2, eu-3  y   y  Wikimedia España
Alison info-en, permissions, oversight-en-wp en, ga-3, fr-2, gd-1 en  y  admin,crat@ga.wiki, admin@ga.wikt en.wp checkuser & oversight. Specialist in BLP issues.
Alraunenstern info, permissions ' de
Ankry info-pl, permissions pl, en-2, ru-2  y  admin@plwikisource
Anthere board fr, en enfr  y   y   y  many board member
Arkanosis info-fr, permissions-fr, oversight-fr-wp, Wikidata fr, en-3, de-2, vi-1 fr Admin@wikidatawiki Abusefilter@frwiki, Oversight@frwiki
Asav info-no, info-en, permissions, permissions-en fr, en-3, de-2, vi-1  y 
Avraham info-en (f), Permissions, Sister projects, info-he (f), Stewards, oversight-en-wp en, he-2 en  y   y   y  en.wp bureaucrat, checkuser, oversight; commons oversight
Az1568 info-en (f), Translations, Orange partnership, Strategy team en  y   y  See User:Az1568/matrix
B Permissions en en
Basvb info-nl, permissions nl, en-3, de-2 nl  y 
Benoit Rochon info-en, info-fr, permissions-fr, permission-commons, permissions-commons-fr fr, en-4 fr  y   y  Wikimedia Canada Wikimedia Canada board member
Beria info-pt, permissions-pt, permissions-commons, photosubmissions pt, en-3, es-2  y   y  wikimedia.pt, br.wikimedia Wikimedia Portugal board member; Volunteer of Wikimedia Brasil
Bjelleklang info-en, permissions en, no, da-2, sw-2 en Active on IRC for urgent requests.
Blurpeace info-en, permissions, photosubmissions, sister projects en, es-1 en  y  WMNYC
Bluerasberry info-en en medicine, LGBT, United States
Bonaditya info-id id, en-3 id
brest mk-N, en-3, sr-4, hr-4, bg-2 mk mk.wikimedia.org Wikimedia Macedonia
Calak info-fa, sister projects ckb-N, fa-4, ar-2, en-2 ckbfa Wikidata
Callanecc info-en, permissions, sister projects en enwiki account creation tool, Audit Subcommittee
Chandres info-fr, wm-ch fr, en-3 WMCH
Chase me ladies, I'm the Cavalry all info-en queues, permissions-en, wm-donations, legal en, fr-2 en all English, albeit only occasionally
Ciell info-nl nl, en-2, de-1 nl
Clarkcj12 permissions, info-en en-N, es-2 {{{other notes}}}
clpo13 info-en en, es-1, de-1
Dan Koehl info-en, info-sv, wikispecies, sv.wikivoyage sv-4, en-3, de-2, da-1, no-1, nn-1 Sysop, bureaucrat on Wikispecies, sysop on sv.wikivoyage
Daniel info-en, Press, Legal (access to all) en, is-3 en  y  account matrix; administrator at enwikinews OTRS administrator
DaB. info-de, permission-de de-4, en-1 de  y 
Darafsh info-fa fa-N, tg-4, en-3, ar-2, de-1 fa Commons-Wikidata Darash_Wiki@Hotmail.com
DCB info-de de, en-2, la-3
DerHexer info-de, permissions(-de), stewards de, en-3, es-2, la-2, grc-2 deen  y   y  cf. matrix
DGG info-en, wm-nyc en, fr-1, de-1 en VP, NYC chapter; Wikipedian in Residence, NY Public Library of the Performing Arts
Didym permissions de, en-2, fr-2  y 
Dogad75 info-ru, permissions-ru ru meta, commons, wikidata Member of Wikimedia Russia
Don-kun info-de de, en-2
drbug info-ru, permissions, Wikimedia Russia ru, en-3 ru  y  Wikimedia RU member and director; ChapCom member; ComCom member
dungodung info-sr, info-hr, permissions-sr sr, en-3, de-1, hr-3, bs-3, mk-1 sr  y  bureaucrat on all Serbian projects, administrator on old wikisource vice-president and a member of the board of Wikimedia Serbia
Edoderoo info-nl, wikiportret, permissions-nl nl, en-2, de-1 s:nl
Effeietsanders info-nl, wm-nl, press-nl, wcn nl, en-2, fr-1, de-1, la-1 nltn  y  s:nl, nl.wm, b:nl, w:nl bc. Wikimedia NL board
Elcobbola permissions de, en  y 
Elmacenderesi info-tr tr, en tr tr.wp checkuser, bureaucrat
Emergency doc info-de, permissions ' de
Emha permissions '
Emufarmers info-en en  y  MediaWiki
EPO info-da, permissions-commons da, en-3, de-1 da  y 
FastLizard4 info-en, permissions-en, photosubmissions en Project lead and administrator, Wikipedia Account Creation
FloNight info-en en en en.wp arbitrator
Florianschmidtwelzow info-en, info-nds, mobile de-N, en-3 MediaWiki
Fluff info-sv sv, en-3 sv a few throught SWMT svwp checkuser
Fluffernutter info-en, oversight-en-wp en en en.wiki oversighter
Fredddie info-en, permissions en, es-1
Geraki info-el el, en-2 el  y  el.wikipedia bureaucrat
el.wikisource bureaucrat
GorillaWarfare info-en, photosubmission, permissions en, es-2 en Wikisource
Grashoofd info-nl, permissions-nl nl-M, en-3, de-1
Grin info-hu, wm-hu hu, en-3, de-1 hu Lots President @ Wikimedia Hungary
HaeB permissions (mainly) de, en-4 de WMF staff account: Tbayer
HakanIST wm-tr, info-tr tr, en-4 Wikidata (admin) Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey
Halibutt info-en, info-pl pl-n, en-4, es-2 Wikimedia Polska spokesperson, admin at WMPL wiki
Hanay permission-he, info-he en, he he
Hedwig in Washington permissions-de, permissions-commons de, en  y 
Hégésippe Cormier info-fr, permissions-fr fr, en-2 w:fr n:fr
Hephaion info-de, permissions-de de, en-3, fr-3 de
HJ Mitchell info-en, permissions-en, permissions-commons en en Commons, Meta (sometimes)
Howicus Info-en, Permissions en, de-1 Commons
Hungarikusz Firkász info-hu, permissions-hu hu, en-2 hu
Ibrahim.ID Info-ar, Permissions-ar ,permissions-commons ar, en-4, fr-1 ar Sysop @arwiki
Ireas info-de, permissions de, en-2 de
Itti info-de, permissions ' de
Jameslwoodward permissions, photosubmissions en, fr-1  y  admin@commons checkuser@commons
Jamesofur permissions, photosubmissions, info-en en, fr-1, la-1 ensimple  y  CU on SimpleWiki
Jarekt info, permissions, photosubmission en, pl  y 
Jcb info-nl, info-es, permissions, photosubmissions nl, es-3, en-3, de-1, pt-1, it-1, fr-1 afia  y 
Jeblad info-no no, en-3
Jianhui67 permissions, Commons, Wikidata en, zh-3, ms-1  y  wikidata (admin)
Jimmy Xu info-zh, permissions zh, en-3, ja-1 zh
Jivee Blau info-de, permissions-de etc. '
Jmvkrecords info-es, permissions-es. es, fr-4, pt-2, en-2 es
Jon Harald Søby info-no nb, en-4, nn-3, sv-3, da-2, de-2, sw-2, eo-1, es-1, ro-1 no  y  wikidata
Kaare info-da da, en-3, no-2, sv-2, de-2, nn-1, es-1, kl-0 dakl global-renamer
Kandy Talbot permissions-sk, info-sk, erby-sk sk, cs, hu-3, en-2 translatewiki.net, sysop on sk projects
KDS4444 info-en, permissions en
Keegan info-en, permissions, photosubmissions, sister projects en en admin, oversight@en.wiki
kh80 info-de, permissions-de de, en-2 de
King of Hearts info-en, permissions, photosubmission en, zh-4, es-3 en
Krd info-de, permissions, sister projects de, en-3 de  y  cu@commons
KRLS info-ca, permissions ca, es-4, en-2 ca ca.wikt, ca.wikisource
Kropotkine 113 info-fr, permissions, wm-fr fr, es-1 fr Wikimédia France
KTC info-en, permissions, photosubmissions en, zh en
Kuailong info-en, info-zh, permissions, photosubmissions zh, en-3
Kwj2772 info-ko, permissions/permissions-commons ko, en-2  y   y 
Ladsgroup info-fa, info-en fa, en-3, az-1, tr-1 fa Pywikibot Developer
Lankiveil info-en, wikinews, permissions en, ga-1 en en.wikinews (admin), commons, meta, ga.wikpedia
Ldorfman info-he, permissions-he he, en-4, ro-1 Wikimania 2011 team Wikimedia Israel
LFaraone info-en, permissions en en lfaraone on freenode
Linedwell info-fr, permissions, wikinews fr, en-2, it-2 fr
Litlok info-fr, permissions fr, en-3 fr
Lomita permissions fr, en-1 fr
Lucien leGrey info-es, info-en, permissions es, en-4, fr-2 es ws-es, wp-lad es-wp bureaucrat
Lvova info-ru, permissions-ru, wm-ru ru, en-3, be-2 meta, commons, ukwiki
Lyzzy info-de, permissions-de, permissions-commons de, en-2 de
Mailer diablo info-en (f), permissions en, zh en en.wp oversight
Marcus Cyron info-de, permissions-de etc. de, en-2 de
Mardetanha fa, az, en-3, tr-2 fa  y   y  admin on fawiki, fawikt, fawikiqoute
Matteo55 info-hu, wm-hu, permissions-hu, etc. hu, en-3, es-1, et-1 former board member (WMHU), ArbCom (Huwiki),
Matthewrbowker info (f), permissions en, es-2
Mbch331 info-nl, wikiportret, permissions-nl nl,en-3 nl
Melos info-it, info-scn, permissions it, en-2, scn-4 itscn  y 
Meno25 info-en (f), info-ar ar, en-4, fr-1 enar  y  checkuser on Arabic Wikipedia
Mentifisto info-en, oversight-en-wp permissions, photosubmissions, stewards mt, en-4, it-2 ensimple  y   y  checkuser@simplewiki; oversight@enwiki; crat@metawiki
MGA73 info-da, permissions-commons da, en-3, de-2, no-1, sv-1 da  y 
MichaelMaggs Permissions-Commons, Photosubmission, Info-en en, fr-1  y  Bureaucrat on Commons
Mido info-ar ar, en-4 ar  y  ar.wp checkuser
Mike V Info-en (f), Permissions, Photosubmissions (f), Sister Projects-Commons, oversight-en-wp en, fr-3 en checkuser@en.wiki
Mikemoral info-en, permissions, wikinews-en en-N, de-2, eo-1, es-1 admin@enwikinews
Millbart info-de, oversight-de-wp de, en-4, fr-1 de Oversight@dewiki
Miya permissions-commons, info-ja ja, en-2 ja  y   y 
Mkdw info-en en en
Mlpearc permissions, info-en(f) en
Moonriddengirl permissions (all), info-en en en
Morgankevinj photosubmissions, permissions, sister projects en, es-1, la-1  y  admin@commons
Mr. Stradivarius info-en, info-ja, permissions-en en, ja-3, de-1, fr-1 en MedCom enWP
Mys 721tx info-zh, permissions zh, en-3 zh
Nagy info-de, permissions, sister projects de, en-3, fr-2, sv-1, es-1  y 
NahidSultan permissions, Photosubmissions (f) bn, en-3, bpy-1 bn  y  bnwiki, Commons Familiar with all Bangla language projects, sysop@bnwiki & commons
NativeForeigner info-en, permissions en, es-2, ko-1 en Enwp CU/OS Arbitrator 2014-2015
Natuur12 info-nl, permissions, photosubmission nl, en-3, de-1 nl  y 
Neozoon info-de, permissions-de, permissions-commons, permissions-en, permissions-nl, photosubmissions de, nl, en-4, fr-2 de  y 
Nihonjoe info-en, permissions-en en, ja-3 en *Comprehension is ja-3, synthesis is ja-2; bureaucrat on enwiki;
Niklitov permissions, permissions-commons, sister projects, info-ru, Wikimedia Russia ru, en-2, zh-2 Wiki-Confereces, Wikimedia Сompetitions Wikimedia RU member
Nolispanmo info-de, permissions-de, oversight-de-wp de, en-3, fr-1, sp-1 de Oversight@dewiki
nsaa info-no, permissions no, en-3, da-2, sv-1, de-1 no Bureaucrat on no-wiki
OhanaUnited info-en, info-zh, permissions, sister projects en, zh en crat@species
Olaf Kosinsky info-de, permissions-de de, en-2, fr-1
Pajz info-de, permissions-de etc. de, en-3, it-1 de
Pallerti info-hu, permissions-hu hu, en-1, de-2 hu
Panyd info-en, permissions-en '
para permissions-commons, info-fi fi, en-4, fr-2, sv-1  y 
PDD info-de, permissions-de, oversight-de-wp en, de, ru-2, fr-2 de de.wikisource (admin) Oversight@dewiki
PhilKnight oversight-en-wp, info-en en en
Platonides info-es, permissions, photosubmission es, en-2, fr-1 es  y  es.wikiversity (sysop)
Podzemnik info-cs cs, en-2 cs
putnik info-ru, permissions ru, en-2 ru  y  MediaWiki
QuiteUnusual info-en, Sister projects, Stewards en, fr-2, es-1  y  en.wikibooks (sysop, crat, CU)
Raymond info-de, permissions-de, permissions-commons de, en-3, nl-2 de  y 
Redlinux permissions-de etc. bar, de, en-3, es-1, la-1 de
Reinhard Kraasch info-de, permissions-de, permissions-commons de, en-3 de  y 
Martin Kraft info-de, permissions-de, permissions-commons de, en-3
Riggwelter info-sv sv, en-5, de-2, fr-2, da-1, no-1 sv Admin/bureaucrat on Wikivoyage in swedish
Rjd0060 en en  y  OTRS administrator
rlevente info-hu, permissions-hu hu, en-2 hu sometimes on Commons and Wikidata
Romaine wm-be, wlm, info-nl, permissions-nl, commons, permissions-commons nl-N, en-3, de-2  y  all nl-sisterprojects, incubator, Wikimedia Belgium be welcome!
Ronhjones info-en, permissions-en, photosubmission en-N, fr-1 en Commons
Rrburke info-en, permissions, permissions-commons, permissions-en, photosubmission en-N Commons
Rubin16 info-ru, permissions, wm-ru ru, tt, en-3 ru  y  crat@ru.wiki Wikimedia-RU
Rzuwig info-pl, permissions pl, en-2  y 
Samat info-hu, permissions, wm-hu hu-N, en-2, de-1 hu  y  crat@huwiki, global-renamer@meta board member @ Wikimedia Hungary
Sarah info-en, wm-au en en en username is now Sarah, Wikimedia Australia
Sarahj2107 info-en en en
Sargoth info-de de, en-3 de
Savh info-es, permissions, photosubmission es, nl, en-3, fr-2 es  y   y 
Scoopfinder info-fr, permissions fr, en-4, de-3, fi-1 fr.wiki + Commons
Seewolf info-de de, en-3, fr-1 de Wikimedia Deutschland
Shanmugamp7 info-en, Permissions ta, en-3 ta  y   y 
ShinePhantom info-ru, permissions-ru ru, en-3 ru wikidata (admin)
Sir Lestaty de Lioncourt info-pt, permissions, permissions-commons. pt, en-3, es-3 and others. pt.news, pt.quote and meta.wiki. bureaucrat (pt.news, pt.quote and test.wiki)
Volunteer of Wikimedia Brasil and Wikimedia Portugal.
Sjoerddebruin info-nl, permissions, permissions-commons. nl, en-3, de-1, fr-1 nl Wikidata (admin)
Someguy1221 info-en (f), permissions, voicemail en, es en oversight@enwiki
Sphilbrick permissions, info-en en en  y 
Steinsplitter info-general, permissions, photosubmission (f), Sister projects (f), GLAM de-4, en-2, it-2  y   y   y 
Stang info-zh, permissions zh, en-3, wuu-1 Meta, Commons, Zhwp, wuu, zh-classical
Stepro info-de, permissions-de, photosubmission-de de, en-3, ru-1 admin: dewikiquote, dewiktionary
Storkk permissions, photosubmission, sister projects (Commons) en-4, fr-3, de-2  y 
Stryn info-fi, sister projects (Wikidata), steward fi, en-2 fi  y   y  fi-wiki (admin), wikidata (admin), meta (admin)
Superbass info-de de, en-3, fr-1 de
SuperHamster info-en, permissions en
Taketa info-nl, info-en (l), permission nl, en-4, li-4, de-1, fr-1 nl Wikidata
Taysin info-tr, permissions tr, en-2, az-3 Taysin tr-wiki
Teles info-pt (f), Permissions, Permission-commons, Stewards, Wikimedia Brasil pt, en-3, es-2 pt  y   y  br.wikimedia crat@ptwikipedia, checkuser@ptwikipedia, oversight@ptwikipedia
Tgr info-hu, permissions hu, en-2, de-1 hu
Thibaut120094 info-fr, permissions, photosubmissions, commons fr, en-2, ja-2 fr  y 
Tom Morris info-en, permissions, permissions-commons en en en.wikinews admin on en.wikinews
Tommyang permissions zh, en-3 en.wikinews
Trần Nguyễn Minh Huy info-vi, permissions-vi, permissions, photosubmission vi, ja-4, en-2, zh-1 vi  y  viwiktionary, outreach, wikimania2015
Trijnstel info-nl (f), Permissions, Photosubmission (f), Sister projects, Stewards nl, en-4, de-1, fr-1 nl  y   y   y  checkuser@commons, checkuser@meta
Ukexpat info-en, permissions-en, permissions-commons, photosubmissions en-N
Utcursch permissions-en, permissions-commons, info-en en, hi en
UY Scuti info-en en-3, ta-N Account creator in English Wikipedia.
VasilievVV info-ru, permissions, wm-ru ru, en-3 ru  y  Meta, MediaWiki
Versageek info-en, wikt-en-info en, es-1 en en.wikt
Vituzzu permissions-it it, scn, en-2, fr-2 it  y  other italian wikiprojects
Vladimir Solovjev info-ru, permissions-ru, wm-ru ru, en-1 ru meta, commons, wikidata Sysop, bureaucrat and oversight on ru.wiki, Board Member on Wikimedia Russia
Vriullop info-ca, permissions ca, es-4, en-2, fr-2 ca ca.wikt
Waldir info-pt, wm-pt pt, en-3 y y pt.wp, en.wp Wikimedia Portugal
Wdwd permissions-de, permissions-commons-de de, en-2 de de.wp, commons
WikiBronze wm-tr, info-tr tr, en-4, gr-3 Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey
Wikitanvir Permissions, wm-bd bn, en-3, as-2, bpy-1 bn  y   y   y  Sysop @ Bangla Wiktionary Familiar with all Bangla language projects, secretary of Wikimedia Bangladesh and one of the 2 chapter contacts. member of Affiliations Committee.
Wnme info-de de, en-3, fr-1, es-1 de de.wp admin
Wong128hk info-zh, permissions zh, yue, en-3, ja-1 zh b'crat@zh.wikibooks, admin@zh.wikt, admin@zh.wikiq
Worm That Turned info-en, oversight-en-wp en en oversight@enwp
XenonX3 info-de, permissions-de, oversight-de-wp de, en-4, fr-1, it-1 de Oversight@dewiki
Yellowcard permissions, info-de de, en-4 de
Yiyi info-it, permissions-it it, en-3 it Commons, Wikidata Member of Wikimedia Italia
YMS info-de de, en-3, es-1, fr-1 admin@wikidata
Ziad info-ar, permission-ar, permission-commons Ar-N, En4 ar
Максим Підліснюк info-uk, info-ru, permissions uk, ru-4, en-1 uk member Wikimedia Ukraine, Pidlisnyuk in OTRS
Masssly info-en en-4, dag-N, ha-2, ak-2 incubator, Commons, ha.WP, ak.WP member Wikimedia Ghana User Group, member Wikimedia Research Newsletter team