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Public outreach/Academy/On-site logistics

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Transfer from Dulles airport (IAD) to Bethesda[edit]

We'll take cabs from the airport to our hotel in Bethesda

Hotel at Bethesda[edit]

Our hotel will be the American Inn:

American Inn of Bethesda http://www.american-inn.com

8130 Wisconson Avenue Bethesda, MD 20814 +1 (301) 656-9300

Dress code Academy event[edit]

The dress code for the Academy event is a mix between "business casual" and "informal attire" (please wear with whatever you feel comfortable, I wouldn't recommend jeans and a polo shirt, though)

  • Men: dark trousers, (optional matching jacket), shirt, (optional tie),

black shoes

  • Women: (optional suit) or skirt or trousers, blouse, (optional

matching jacket), closed toe shoes

Getting to the NIH headquarters on Thursday morning[edit]

The NIH will organize a van for us all. We'll leave our hotel at 7:50 am (meeting in the lobby at 7:40 am)

Flights home[edit]

Please check your flight plans and make sure you'll leave the hotel early enough. We'll reimburse you for the cab/public transportation.


The Wikimedia Foundation will reimburse you for travel costs related to the NIH Academy event. E.g. If you take public transportation to your airport, please keep the ticket/receipt and send it to our office after the event:

Wikimedia Foundation P.O. Box 78350 San Francisco, CA 94107-8350

In your cover-letter please indicate that you spent the money for the "NIH Academy event".

Open questions[edit]

  • People will need to check out of the hotel in the morning. The hotel will store people's luggage?
  • The NIH will arrange for transportation back to the hotel at which time?