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Public outreach/Academy/IRC meetings

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Agenda for our eighth meeting (Thursday, July 9)[edit]

  1. Finalizing the times for the morning presentation (currently is "TBA" for 45 minutes).
  2. Deciding what materials should be sent ahead, by whom, to whom. (Info on creating an account, info on selecting a username, links to the two free on-line books on editing, links to screencasts, ... )
  3. Local Wikipedians as teaching assistants: Arrive in the morning or at noon? How many, ideally? Who is recruiting, and how? What is process for NIH giving access to these volunteers? How will they get to the building?
  4. Addressing "open issues" in each area (see specific pages)
  5. Dress code for the Academy
  6. Practical details: How are we getting our airline tickets? How are we getting from the airport to the hotel? What is the name of the hotel? Etc.
  7. PR for the event
  8. (open)

Not available for the meeting[edit]

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  • ...

Meeting notes[edit]

Meeting notes for prior IRC sessions are on a separate page.

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