Public outreach/Academy/Pre-Academy communications with scientists

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Preferred situtation[edit]

Ideally, NIH scientists will, prior to the Academy:

  • Register as a Wikipedia editor (get a username) (see separate page)
  • Visit the NIH Academy welcome page
  • Receive some information and suggestions about editing, for those interested in doing so prior to the Academy

NIH welcome page[edit]

The welcome page for the NIH WikiProject is currently at en:User:Proteins/Draft_Welcome. At issue are:

  • When is the page going to be finalized, including location (Meta or en.wikipedia)?
  • How will we provide the link to NIH scientists prior to the Academy?

Other information for NIH scientists, prior to the Academy[edit]


  • Links to How Wikipedia Works and Wikipedia: The Missing Manual
  • Small "articles" on creating a user account, and on selecting a user name


Open questions[edit]