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1:30pm – 3:30 pm Skills Workshops[edit]


Planning for the workshops will be done on Saturday, July 11, via skype, at 1:00 p.m. Eastern (U.S.) time.

Two-way "learning track"[edit]

  • Possible track for Web Authors and other professionals with social media expertise. Details here.

Physical set up[edit]

We will have two rooms with capacity for 30, plus Wilson Hall with capacity for 60, and possibly a 4th room with capacity for 30. Wilson Hall will be set up banquet style. The (smaller) break out rooms will be U-shaped.

Teaching assistants[edit]

  • The consensus is that the volunteers do not have to be scientists.
  • Frank has been in contact with some volunteers in the DC area who will be helping out in a 'teaching assistants' type role. As of July 5th, he reported the following were either in, or possible:
    • Swatjester (in)
    • MZMcBride (in)
    • Maralia (open)
    • Cyde (open)
    • Mindspillage (open)
  • On Thursday afternoon, July 9, John asked at WP:BOTREQ for someone's bot to post a request for volunteers to user talk pages of Wikipedians who self-identified as living in Maryland or DC.

Open questions[edit]

  • Are there enough NIH scientists with at least of bit of Wikipedia editing to make it worth having an intermediate workshop, or should there just be three novice/basic workshops? [Survey question #2 touches on the matter of experience, but doesn't ask for very much detail.]
  • Will volunteers (teaching assistants) arrive in the morning or at noon? (What time, exactly, and where, have they been told to enter NIH?) How will they get to the building?
  • How many teaching assistants, ideally, do we want?
  • Who is recruiting, and how?
  • How many teaching assistants are we likely to end up with?
  • What is process for NIH giving access to these volunteers?