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Wikimedia LGBT+, the Queering Wikipedia team and partners will host
Queering Wikipedia 2023 Conference on May 12, 14, and 17, 2023.

It is the first LGBTQ+ centered conference in the history of Wikimedia events, and is for LGBT+ Wikimedians, allies and guests. The event provides an opportunity to advance outreach, through partnerships, membership and public projects of WM LGBT+ UG as an organization, as well as to plan for the Queering Wikipedia follow-ups.

This will be a hybrid of online and offline, trans-local, live and asynchronous event.

If you are interested in presenting online, please see the Call for Proposals and Office Hours.

If you plan on organizing a local event, check the Nodes page.

In-person events will only occur if local Wikimedians are willing to self-host in-person meet-ups in coordination with QW2023 organizing team.

If you are interested to contribute, partner or support in any other way, do get in touch by email: QW2023(_AT_)WMLGBT.org