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Message from Katherine Maher

This message, "April 12: Update on Wikimedia movement strategy process (#13)", was sent by Katherine Maher on 12 April 2017.

Για σας!

Summary: The first cycle of strategy conversations is ending soon. We hope you will contribute your answer to this question: "What do we want to build or achieve together over the next 15 years?"

This phase has been an opportunity to come up with new ideas. The next phase is about refining these ideas to reach some consensus on the most important ones. This means that there will still be opportunities to contribute in the future! It also means that the focus of the conversation will change. If you are interested in generating creative new ideas about the future of our projects, now is the time to share your thoughts!

Participating is easy. Check out the participation page on Meta-Wiki's movement strategy portal for more information. Find online discussions, local meetups, and a survey on Meta-Wiki.

One note: In consideration of the Passover and Easter holidays people around the world are recognizing this week and weekend, we have moved the closing day for this discussion cycle to the end of April 18 (23:59 UTC). That means you have a few additional days to share your ideas - big and small - for Wikimedia's future.

Once this discussion cycle ends next week, we will be gathering common topics from across all the global discussions and posting them on Meta-Wiki. That includes conversations from the wikis, meetups with experts, discussions from affiliates, and anywhere else we have documented.

The next phase of the discussion will begin by May 1. We’ll be working together to prioritize the thematic statements. More information on that cycle is available on Meta-Wiki, and we’ll share more when that cycle gets started.

I have already seen and heard some fantastic ideas from our first discussion cycle these past few weeks. I look forward to seeing what ideas emerge in the final days of this cycle!

Un cordial saludo (Spanish translation: “Best regards”),