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Message from Katherine Maher

This message, "March 20: Update on Wikimedia movement strategy process (#11)", was sent by Katherine Maher on 20 March 2017.

Για σας!

After months of planning, we are underway: we officially launched some big discussions last week! If you missed the many messages sent out with this news, read on for more details.

(Apologies for sending this out a few days late - we were very busy with annual planning meetings last week.)

Featured requests

With the start of Phase 1 discussions for Tracks A & B, there are two things we want to bring additional attention to:

All Tracks

  • A new San Francisco-based williamsworks team member, Sara Johnson, has joined the firm to help support their work on the movement strategy process.

Track A (Organized groups) and Track B (Individual contributors)

Track C (Partners and readers in higher awareness regions) and Track D (Partners and readers in lower awareness regions)

  • Track C participant outreach continues, and Track D outreach began this week!
  • A contact relationship management (CRM) system has been set up to help facilitate coordination of outreach to Track C & D contacts.
  • Desk research/interview proposal with Lutman & Associates is in approval cycles. Foundational research collected from this proposal will be posted on-wiki.
  • A contract for online survey research is still being negotiated.
  • The Track Leads have begun interviewing project assistant candidates.
  • A dinner is being coordinated with Wikimedia Deutschland for Track C participants while the facilitators are already in Berlin later this month for Wikimedia Conference.
  • The Core Team discussed with Nicole and Juliet participation and outreach to potential Track C & D participants at the upcoming Creative Commons Summit. The group is waiting to hear back from Creative Commons about a potential session on Wikimedia Strategy.
  • Track Leads and Core Team continued outreach to our network for recommendations on experts to consult.
  • Adele worked with Karen Brown and Jake Orlowitz on posting the process page for Track D on Meta-Wiki.
  • Adele is working on posting a version of the contact list to Meta-Wiki with a form to collect suggestions from local communities.
  • Adele’s team is securing interviews with various experts and partners in Mexico, Nigeria, and India starting this week. Suzie is finalizing the interview guide by Monday.

Επόμενα βήματα

  • Finalize and post all remaining materials to the strategy movement portal on Meta-Wiki, including strategic direction definitions and examples to help facilitate discussion.
  • Continue building out list of experts and developing expert interview guide for Tracks C & D.
  • Continue to simplify the user experience and materials to make it easier to participate in the discussions and to volunteer as a Discussion Coordinator.

As always, thanks for reading through!