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This page is a translated version of the page Tech/News/2013/44 and the translation is 60% complete.
vorige 2013, 44. week (maandag 28 oktober 2013) volgende

Het laatste technieuws van de technische Wikimediagemeenschap. Informeer andere gebruikers alstublieft over deze wijzigingen. Niet alle wijzigingen zijn merkbaar voor iedereen. Er zijn vertalingen beschikbaar.

Nieuwe functies

  • The style and colors for warning boxes, error messages, and success messages in all skins of MediaWiki has been changed. [1]

Nieuws over VisualEditor

  • You will soon be able to switch from editing in VisualEditor to editing wikitext directly without having to save the page. You can't yet switch from wikitext to VisualEditor but developers hope to make it possible in the future. [2]


  • There was a problem on October 31 during the activation of MediaWiki 1.22wmf2 on test wikis. mediawiki.org was also broken, and if you had problems logging in, it was probably because of this as well.

Aankondigingen en andere oproepen

  • Because of the problem with MediaWiki 1.22wmf2, the calendar has changed. It will be added to mediawiki.org and non-Wikipedia sites on November 4, and all Wikipedia sites on November 7.

JavaScript / Gadgetontwikkelaars

  • Due to a recent change, gadgets and user scripts that use jQuery UI should explicitly load the appropriate modules, as they may not be loaded by default. [3]
  • Developers have started to remove long-deprecated methods. You should check the JavaScript console (in debug=true mode) and look for deprecation warnings and their stack trace. [4]

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