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This page is a translated version of the page Template:I18n/Reports and the translation is 25% complete.

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Translatable message strings for the Reports project editor gadget and Lua module.

Please do not re-arrange these sections. Add new sections to the bottom only.

General strings related to all reporting forms

  • 提交报告
  • 取消
  • Failed to save content to the Lua table
  • Failed to save data to Lua table
  • 组名
  • 在这里输入组名...
  • The name of your Affiliate Group!
  • Are you importing an old report, check the box on the left.
  • Enter imported report date: YYYY-MM-DD
  • 如果要从以前的系统导入此报告,请输入提交报告的日期,如果这是新报告,请留空。

Organizational Information Submission Form

  • Organizational Information Form for Affiliates
  • 专题组织
  • 用户组
  • Allied or other organizations
  • How would you identify your organization?
  • Is your group a legal entity?
  • 不是
  • 不确认
  • Has your group's mission changed in the last year?
  • If yes, or unsure, please explain
  • Explain reason for changed or unsure here...
  • Group membership page
  • Link to group membership page...
  • Membership Count
  • Enter membership count here (in figure)...
  • Social Media and Blog/News
  • Facebook网址...
  • Twitter网址...
  • Blog/News page...
  • 討論板
  • Consensus Decision Making
  • Democratic Process
  • No Shared Structure
  • Decision Making Structure
  • List Primary Contacts and/or Board Members (list names or usernames along with roles)
  • Should be 'User:Example - role' for usernames or 'Names - role' for names.
  • 提交
  • Updated Organizational Information for:
  • Added new Organizational Information:

Grants Reporting Form

  • Grant Report Form for Affiliates
  • What type of Report are you attaching?
  • Rapid Project Grant
  • 项目目标
  • Annual Plan Grant
  • Conference or Event Grant
  • Simple Annual Plan Grant
  • FDC Annual Plan Grant
  • Reporting timeline
  • Start date: DD/MM/YYYY
  • End date: DD/MM/YYYY
  • Total Budget
  • 0.0
  • 货币
  • Enter currency name or code...
  • Attach report link
  • Enter link here...
  • Other link (e.g. Event Page, Social Media link etc.)
  • 在这里输入链接...
  • 教育机构
  • GLAM Institutions
  • 其他
  • Other partnership
  • Partnership Information
  • Added new Grants report:

Financial Reporting Form

  • Financial Report Form for Affiliates
  • Date of submission: DD/MM/YYYY
  • Report submission date (Format: DD/MM/YYYY)
  • Added new financial report:

Annual Activities Reporting Form

  • Annual Activities Reporting Form for Affiliates
  • Annual Activities Report
  • Monthly Activities Report
  • Added new activities report:

ARP Query Portal

  • ARP Query Portal - Execute a Query
  • Execute
  • Exit
  • What would you like to search for?