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Some thoughts[edit]

Myosotis by Submarine

I have been there for so long...

From time to time, I go read back some of the stuff I wrote last year, two years ago, three years ago, four years ago...

I think of you as a center in a very large collection of inter-connected webs. The webs carry information, and you help direct it where it can create positive changes. Amgine irc 20:41, 25 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Thought : Elles ne pensent qu'à ça: séduire, pour pouvoir se reproduire.
Les plantes à fleurs, dernière grande innovation du monde végétal, manipulent les insectes, les animaux, et même les hommes, pour assurer leur dissémination.

What is an anther ?

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Anthere's old stuff (2001-2008)[edit]


Pull on a sunflower for love!
Pull on a sunflower for love!

Actually, it was pretty exciting to answer my first interviews and even more exciting to see my name cited. Not to mention pictures being published. Maybe it is routine now ? But I do not really report published articles any more....expect when it raises a special warm memory. In my "press" memories, I think the greatest moment was when we first got a BIG article in Le Monde. I started sending press releases to Le Monde in 2002. With no resultats whatsoever... till they finally contacted us in fall 2005. It really felt enormous. Since then, many articles have been written about us, some good, some terribly bad. It has indeed become a sort of routine. I will nevertheless keep that list as well as all the issues sent to me by snail mails. Maybe to show the kids later ;-).

Some speeches and presentations[edit]

I try to list here some presentations I do, with the links to the documents themselves, in particular when it covers a new topic. I can not count anymore the presentations made on Wikipedia itself.

Current issues[edit]

(a rough digest of what's topical on the mailing list & elsewhere)

Interlingual issues[edit]

Usability and user interface[edit]

  • EnlargeSpace. If the conflict is over limited resources, increase resources to an acceptable (satisficing) level.
  • SeekThirdParties? as ConflictMediator. When stuck against the thorny bushes, get a third party involved to help end the dispute. Conciliation, consultation, mediation, arbitration, adjudication or authoritative command.
  • CompromiseAgreement?. Each party gives up something for the greater good of each other.
  • SeekCommonGround?. Different from compromise, seek out the common ground that both sides hold. Deliberately focusing on something that can be agreed upon can break the adversarial cycle. It can also reveal the blindingly obvious solution that is staring you in the face.
  • ChangeThePeople?. Train people to deal with others better, and to alter needling attitudes. Deals with PersonalityConflict.
  • ChangeTheStructure?. Deal with StructuralConflict by fixing the structure.
  • TimeOut?. Take a deep breath, go for a walk, come back later ... and things may look different.
  • AgreeToDisagree?. Some conflicts will never be "solved", only abated. Live and let live.
  • SurrenderWithGrace?. Agree to let it go their way, not yours. Similar to AgreeToDisagree?, except available even when the conflict isn't totally intractable. You decide that this is not the hill to die on. Surrender the battle, win the war.
  • Wiki:RetireGracefully. Even if you've won.
  • Wiki:JediMindTrick. Works in the movies. Might work for you too.
  • ReFocusCommonGround?. End turns at stating your position by stating something that you do genuinely agree with or respect about the person you are in conflict with. This tends to reduce the SaintsOrSinners? polarisation that otherwise maintains conflict. Be careful not to let this morph into the AntiPattern? of shallow lipservice of agreement -- having the statement of agreement occur at the end of your turn, without embellishment, helps there.
  • Vote. Of course, voting should be the last resort. (see VotingIsEvil, WikiVoting)
  • TacticalDistraction? -- distract the participants. Popping a balloon or dropping a tray of glasses can work wonders. This is most useful where the conflict has taken on a life of its own, and works best when a non-involved party does the intervention.
  • TacticalEngagement? -- Engage one of the parties of the conflict in a discussion/debate, drawing away their energies from the conflict. A key point is that the debate is engaged not to win the debate, but simply to distract and engage the opponent. Similar to TacticalDistraction?, but takes more resources to effect, and occurs over a longer timespan.
  • Fork the community -- see RightToFork, ForkingOfOnlineCommunities.

  • ShoutThemDown?. Don't let a single point slide, hammer every point, repeat to absurdum.Eventually you will wear down your opponent and they may either AgreeToDisagree?, compromise, or SurrenderWithGrace? (or without). See also Wiki:ConversationalChaff
  • EnlistIdiots?. Bolster your side by appealing to the peanut gallery, apply sophistry to appeal to the unwashed masses passing by. Encourage them to add their voice to your side of the debate. Deploy demagogurey.
  • Involve more people. The more you spread the conflict, whether by enlisting idiots or just ordinary people, the longer it is likely to go on for and the more damage it is likely to do.
  • LieCheatSteal?. Pretend to AgreeToDisagree?, compromise, (etc), but its just a charade. As soon as their back is turned you strike.