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Phạm Ngọc Phương Linh
she/her or they/them

Volunteer contributor
Wikimedia projects

Timezone: UTC+7
Discord: phuonglinhphamngoc
IRC: Hide_on_rosie on
Languages: vi, en-3, ko-0
Contact: My main talk page, or leave me an email.
Disclaimer: The image you see here is not me. She is Kim Yoo-jung, an actress in My Demon.

My Work
I do cross-wiki patrol via some tools like Huggle, RTRC, SWViewer to revert vandalism, spam, advertising, trolling or cross-wiki abuse; rename user per request at viwiki, enwiki, metawiki or rename queue; do some maintenance task, mostly in Vietnamese Wikipedia, Commons and Meta-Wiki. Since I'm a bit clumsy, sometimes I mess its clicky buttons up and wrongly revert good faith edit(s) or do some stupid thing(s). Please feel free to revert me again, and trout me (nicely please) if deem necessary.
About Me
Hi, I am Phạm Ngọc Phương Linh (real name), also known as Hide on Rosé, just a volunteer who loves cleaning up, maintaining Wikimedia projects and reverting vandalism, spam and gibberish. Joined Wikimedia since 2020 but officially contributed in 2022. I'm: