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SWViewer enables you to monitor the recent changes of a wiki in real-time. In doing so it provides a lot of features; such as rollback, diff, edit-source and much more. In order to use the application, user should have local or global rollback userright.

User who have rollback permission on any Wikimedia project and 1000 edits globally (except test wikis) without any active block can also monitor global queue.


Diff screen on desktop
Diff screen on mobile


  • space — Show next diff
  • esc — Close pop-ups
  • r — Rollback
  • y — Rollback with custom edit summary
  • [ or p — Browse back
  • e — Edit page
  • o — Open page in new tab
  • a — Local contributions
  • / — Global contributions
  • s — Settings
  • u — Logout
  • t — The Talk
  • l — Logs


  • Arrow-left-filled.svg Rewind edits — view previous edits (only 6).
  • Rollback-filled.svg Rollback — similar to rollback on wiki.
  • Custom-rollback-filled.svg Custom Rollback — add edit summary to the revert, somewhat like undo but in actual it's done using rollback too. There's also a warn button while using this button, which can be used to warn user only if it's configured on /config.json page.
  • Edit-filled.svg Edit source — source of the page is displayed in a edit window right in application with an option to provide summary to the changes and also to tag for deletion.
  • Open-newtab-filled.svg Open on-wiki — will open the diff on-wiki in a separate tab.
  • V-dots-filled.svg More options — such as link to article history, GUC and CentralAuth for IP/User.


To open the application in browser (tested in Chrome, Firefox, Safari), click the following button:


Install PWA[edit]

If you use Chrome browser, you can install SWViewer as an WebApp on desktop as well as mobile, instructions for which are as follows:

Install user script[edit]

SWViewer.js is a user script by Tulsi Bhagat that basically adds a link under "Tools" section on the sidebar to access the SWViewer tool easily from any random page.



  1. Repo isn't public due to security reasons, but we can add any trusted user by request. Just drop a message onwiki, IRC or discord.