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Wikimedia Quarto/3/Draft

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Wikimedia Quarto # 3


Tentative calendar

  • First outlines/abstracts of submissions : Friday, April 1 (so we know how much content to expect)
    (Draft layout determined)
  • Draft submission deadline : Friday, April 8
    (Feedback from editors, revisions, copyediting. Creation of international-simple version for translation)
  • Final draft, ready for rough translation : Friday, April 15
    (Last-pass proofreading; final layout set; image, quote details)
  • Ready for translation : Monday, April 18.
A compromised calendar. +sj+

People to contact

  • For the tech report : Jamesday and Submarine
    • State : Brion and Kate contacted. Could someone please do so ? 07:59, 28 Mar 2005 (UTC). Hashar wrote some report on several points.
  • For the finance report
    • State : I contacted Mav, he said he was waiting on access to bank records from Jan/Feb to get started. Wrote separately to mav/michael/jimbo pending jimbo's return. +sj+
  • For the grant report
    • State : I will look for someone to write this; but very few people have been involved with grants. I will write this if there are no volunteers. +sj+ 15:33, 28 Mar 2005 (UTC)
  • For the wikinews
    • State : there is the last Erik report in the talk page. We can just paste it, or ask Angime to go a little further. Could someone contact him ? Ant Sure, +sj+ 15:33, 28 Mar 2005 (UTC)
  • For the Ultimate Wiktionary
    • State : I asked GerardM some time ago. He agreed. sj
      • He was reminded on IRC on March 29 by Aphaia.
  • For the Osaki (light)house
    • State : In Aphaia's hands; looking good.
  • For the Interview
    • State : a few interview possibilities. A short Fitzpatrick interview, Jamesday, secret-guest-star... Interview may not get its own page this edition, since Retro will take up a lot of space.
  • For the retrospective
    • State : on going. More people could be contacted. But mostly pictures taken if possible. (snapshots, you mean?) Should be a full page. +sj+. We should in particular add all the logos used in the past (including old french dove).



Founder & Board



Community updates

  • Finance : Q1 fundraiser reaches 126% of goal in half the time
    I asked Mav to make us a report, but have not received any feedback yet. Anthere/+sj+
  • Grants : Brief notes on UNESCO, Pirelli (passed up); see above

Technical Reports

  • Server crashes, speed
    Power outage, Feb 23-24; 10 new servers
    we could ask to james day and submarine to make us a technical report. I have not seen jamesday for several day, could you ask him sj ? ant Yep. +sj+
  • Partners and hosts
    • Hosting offers
      I do not think we will have much information about this in 1 week. It will probably be in the admin report. ant
      But we have a lot of information already about B'net/Kennisnet/French setup stats. And we could mention where in the world we still need offers. +sj+
  • Proxyscanning
    see Talk:WQ/Draft#Proxy scanning for a Tim/Duesentrieb report +sj+

Community and Chapters

  • Projects: WPs (En.5 March, De.2 Feb, Ja.1 Feb, Nl.05 Jan 27, Eo.02, Zh.02 Feb 6), Hindi Wikt (1k, Feb 10), Wikiquote 10K in total March, Wikisource (10k, Feb 4); note that stats are up again. +sj+
  • Chapters
    Added the french chapter official creation
  • German CD Rom - Presroi agreed to write something about this. Wikipedia Distribution Frühjahr 2005





see also Calendar and User:Jimbo Wales

Events, Conferences




Reports and articles


Thesis and papers




Nostalgia wiki, retrospective

Sj's notes: User:Sj/WQ3

WP turns 4! Retrospective story on the last three birthdays (go back through the nostalgia-wiki, events in 02,03,04). [later turn into a retro-project for 'mania] +sj+

Names to contact

  • Elian to make the background mixing
  • Mav, cunct? for the past of the english project
  • Kurt Jansson for de
  • Kzhr for ja
  • Magnus Manske history for the development team
  • Anthere could do it for fr, maybe ask Shaihulud or Aoi for help (Aoi will write a small something)
  • Karl W., ? for the background of other projects (books, wikt)
  • Terry for the background from Fla.

See the main page at: WQ/Retro

Q : will there be an interview this time ? If none is planned, we could put the retrospective in the interview section... since it is sort of interviewing people ? Anthere 18:35, 23 Mar 2005 (UTC)
There is interview material (Brad F, et al). I was imagining the retro as being person-neutral; submitted by people, but not as interviews; not specifically linked to the submitter. To be brought up at our layout meeting next week. +sj+ 15:33, 28 Mar 2005 (UTC)
Not sure. It could also cite the people giving their memories. ant




I propose we put a light on the stats pages. Pick up the article written by Erik on the matter. Anthere 06:17, 24 Mar 2005 (UTC) Wikiquote :reached 10,000 articles in total at the end of March.

Aph, add the report you just sent to the list here. Ant
Yep. Aphaia writes on Talk:WQ/Draft#Wikiquote (see also foundation-l archive)
Highlight on Wiki-features : Categories [almost new], Timeline [ditto], audio/video [few, but how many?], Commons shared-images. Note that some of these have their own stast page now.

Commons : on 16 April, 2005. 76,568 multimedia files; 9,188 articles; 5,259 registered users; 53 of these are administrators, including 2 bureaucrats. See: Talk:WQ/Draft#Commons (in French for the moment) villy 11:49, 16 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Words per article: [1]

Project reports

  • spotlight on the Dutch Wiktionary (reached 10k entries). Note that it has over 250 languages (250th: Alabama) and Commons has its 1000th pronunciatino of Nl terms.
  • International writing contest Feb 1 - Apr 15 (or better in #4?): on WQ4, Benutzer:Achim Raschka will write about it.
  • Should make a little update on wikinews (who ?)
    How about Amgine?
    I agree. I also put last two reports by Erik in the talk page. Anthere
    I will do so, assuming no one else is currently writing it. - Amgine 00:32, 31 Mar 2005 (UTC)
    You got the job. ant
  • PlanetMath collaboration, by CryptoDerk.
  • Wikicommons by Villy : done (Talk:WQ/Draft#Commons) in French, please notify me when it is about to be frozen, I'd like to update the figures just beforehand. villy 09:28, 11 Apr 2005 (UTC)
  • We should mention the creation of an arbcom on the french wikipedia. Who can do this ? Ask Villy perhaps ? (he was the initiator of it all). Ant : done (Talk:WQ/Draft#Un comité d'arbitrage pour fr:Wikipédia) in French. villy 09:28, 11 Apr 2005 (UTC)






Osezaki lighthouse
Osezaki lighthouse

A Japanese Wikipedian 俊武 (Toshitake) contributed an article on a landmark of his hometown, 大瀬崎灯台 (Osezaki Lighthouse) on Japanese Wikipedia. He found a nice photo on the WWW and uploaded it with a permission by its copyright holder. But he forgot to add licence information. It was out of his awareness. Later another Wikipedian pointed it out, and made that contributor aware for the copyright and licensing seriously. He mailed again the copyright holder to explain GFDL and ask him to release the image under GFDL. The photograper allowed him willingly. In the permission the photographer complainted many people lacked of conciousness of copyright: he felt they neglected the value of his works and his all efforts. The contributor understood his opinion and kept his experience in mind. orig. 俊武 2004年12月4日 (土) 10:02 (UTC), rewriten and trans. Aphaia 2004年12月15日 (水) 13:49 (UTC)


大瀬崎灯台」は、私の出身地にある灯台で、島の代表的な観光地なので記事を書きたいと思いました。そのためには、灯台の写真は必要不可欠で、Umi様の写真が目にとまり、これを載せたいと思い、Umi様に許諾を得たのです。しかし、目の前に立ちはだかったのは『著作権』の問題でありました。すなわち、許可を得てアップした写真でも著作権を有しているのはUmi様のままであるのでアップしたこの写真の著作権が不明であると指摘を受けました。はずかしながら、そこで初めて「GFDL」の項目を読んで、なるほどと納得したのです。私は、Umi様の写真をどうしても使いたっかたので、Umi様に「GFDL」でライセンスする了承を得たいとのメールをすると許していただけました。その際、Umi様は、「著作権についてよくわかってない方が多いようで、過去に福江市(現五島市)に無断転用されたことがあり、相手は『公的機関』であり驚くと同時に、激しく抗議しました」と語ってくださり、「『それなりの技量を必要』とし、『コストや手間』をかけながら撮影された一般には撮れない『作品』」と形容なさっており、著作権に対する認識が低いことを指摘なされていました。私も今回の件が問題となって初めて、「著作権」を考えるようになったものの一人であります。「これからは、『著作権』は非常に身近なものとして関わってくる可能性が高く、十分に注意しながら扱っていく必要があるでしょう」とUmi様も言われており、私もこのことを深く実感しました。  俊武 2004年12月4日 (土) 10:02 (UTC)

Aphaia, is it still valid ? Anthere 17:27, 23 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Yes. Aph.
then, you may transfer it :-) ant
International Finance Centre
International Finance Centre

Night time of Central District, viewed from Tsim Sha Tsui towards Hong Kong Island. The water at the bottom of the picture is Victoria Harbour. The conspicuosly lit building in the picture is the 90-storeyed office building, the International Finance Centre II, which also houses the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. It is the tallest building in Hong Kong at the present. Behind the IFC II is Tai Ping Shan, also called Mount Austin. One of Hong Kong's most popular tourist activity is to view the island's nightscape from Victoria Peak on Tai Ping Shan, or across the harbour from Tsim Sha Tsui.

--Shizhao 09:14, 18 Mar 2005 (UTC)



Art & poetry




Pirelli contest