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Grants (disambiguation)
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Grants may refer to: many forms of incentives.

To organizations, informal groups, and individuals[edit]

To help future organizations[edit]

To Wikimedia volunteers[edit]

Organisation Name Since Range Page
Many Wiki Loves Monuments
Wikimedia Österreich Communitybudget Fotoausrüstung − photographic equipment, budget for reimbursement of photographic activities, press accreditations Chapter wiki
Literaturstipendium − literature grants and free passes for libraries de.wp
Wikimedia Australia Volunteer Support Programme < AUS$ 200 Chapter wiki
Wikimedia CH Micro-Grant 2014 < CHF 500 Meta
Wikimedia CZ Mediagrant II < $2,500 Meta, cs.wp
Wikimedia DC Grants 2012 < $2,500 Chapter wiki
Book grants 2015 < $500 Chapter wiki
Wikimedia Deutschland (w:de:Wikipedia:Förderung) Literaturstipendium − literatur grant 2007 30-250 EUR de.wp
Bibliotheksstipendium − library grant de.wp
eLitstip − access to online literature databases de.wp
Technikpool − loaning of technical devices 2011 de.wp
Community-Treffen − meetup grants (thematical WikiProjects or meta-groups) 2011 de.wp
Bilderschatz − Illustrative content grant 2011 de.wp
Community-Projektbudget (open community budget) 2011 < 5.000 € with few exceptions Meta // de.wp (2013 plan)
Community-Budget (various activities) < 5.000 EUR de.wp
Official e-mail address and business cards Wikipedia:@
Wikimedia Foundation / Wikmimedia DE / Wikimedia CH Wikimedia Participation Support generally <US$ 2,000 Participation:Support
Wikimedia Foundation IEG < US$ 30,000 Grants:IEG
GAC US$ 500 − ∞ Grants:Index
Wikimédia France Commission micro-financement 2011 < 2000€ Meta
Wikimedia Hungary Közösségi támogatási keret (Community support budget) − projects (e.g. meetings, contests) initiated by the community hu.wp
Utazásitámogatás (Travel support) hu.wp
Költségtérítés (Reimbursement programme) − microgrants for expenses related to creating content hu.wp
Wikimedia Indonesia "Free your knowledge". Transcribing and writing contests with a score system for each aspect of an article. 100k topic eligible. 200 k$ Chapter website
Wikimedia Israel Microgrants < 10,000NIS (~2,600$) Chapter website
Wikimedia New York City Travel micro-grants (mini grants) 2016 US$ 200 WM NYC on Wiki:Meetup
Wikimedia Nederland Foka − Financiële Ondersteuning Kleine Activiteiten (financial support for small activities) 2009 < 500€, 1500€ for travel Chapter wiki
Wikimedia Polska Wikigranty, mały grant < 200 PLN Chapter wiki
Wikigranty, duży grant 200-??? PLN
Wikimedia Sverige Minibidrag (mini grants) 2013 < 2000 SEK (~220 €) Chapter wiki
Gemenskapens projekt (community projects) 2012 < 40,000 SEK (~4,400 €) Chapter wiki
Referenslitteratur (literature grant) 200-3000 SEK (~22-330 EUR) Chapter wiki
Resebidrag (travel grants) 2014 <10,000 SEK (~<1,100 EUR) Chapter wiki
Wikimedia UK Project grants £5–2,000 Chapter wiki

Past grant programs[edit]

Other forms of incentives[edit]

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