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The Wikimedia Accessibility User Group gather people to focus on accessibility within the Wikimedia movement.

The group aims to clarify priorities and coordinate efforts on accessibly at large. This is envisioned as a way to improve the movement achievements wherever careful attention under an accessibility viewpoint can positively impact our common goals by providing a more inclusive Wikimedia environment and widen the usefulness of our shared resources for everyone.


Our group ambitions to embrace the issue of accessibility through an open interpretation of this word: wherever a difficulty to access our community could rise, be it to consult information, contribute online, join an event carried at some venue, this holds within our scope.

Under such a free perspective, our sphere of activity encompasses inter alia:

This doesn't mean of course that the group is there to hold the full load of actions required to achieve excellence in accessibility for each related point. Some specific points might be better handled by more focused entities like WikiBlind user group and language committee or through more transversal efforts like developers taking into account standards of the Web Accessibility Initiative WAI in their projects.

Current highlighted topics[edit]

So far we identified 6 main themes on which we aim to focus our efforts:

  • improving accessibility of the registration process in our Mediawiki instances
  • providing alternative uncluttered text version of articles
  • achieving alternative text to images as cohesively structured data on Commons
  • supporting efforts to deploy Wikispeech
  • nurturing initiatives around sign languages
  • tracking and solving user interface concerns for people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

The rest of this section detail each of them, providing context, state of the art, projections and links to go further.

Mediawiki registration process[edit]

Streamlined text version of articles[edit]

Text alternative to media[edit]

Related resources:


Main article: Wikispeech

Sign languages[edit]

Related resources:

ADHD friendliness[edit]


  • structuring our user group, gather people, following processes to
  • eliciting our priorities
  • widening awareness of accessibility concerns and efforts within the community
  • making accessibility a voiced priority in the movement strategy
  • determine further clarifications on what actions need to be done, what resources are required, what plans will lead us to the fulfillment of our goal


This section intend to sum up initiative around accessibility within the Wikimedia movement.



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See also[edit]

  • WikiBlind User Group, which gather people more closely our members on the topic of access for blind, low vision and sighted people.

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