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120 000th article[edit]

On May 31 the 120000th article was written in Armenian Wikipedia. The article was Մոնղոլա-օխոտական գեոսինկլինալային համակարգ written by Physmath high school student Artur Yeganyan.

Gender distribution[edit]

Editors gender ratio is a great problem in Wikipedia and its sister projects. The surveys show that their 90% are male. Wikimedia Foundation makes researches to find out the reasons and has built a strategy.

Wikimedia Armenia made his own research which shows that female in Armenian Wikipedia are 37,7% and male - 62,3%. The research was done based on May 29 Armenian Wikipedia active 341 editors list study. The gender of 215 editors we could determine - 81 are female and 134 - male, 127 - unknown.

In this list those editors are included who has done at least 1 edit during the last 30 days. We should also mention that 2 of 9 administrators of Armenian Wikipedia, i.e. 22.2% are again women.

Visit to NKR[edit]

Wikimedia Armenia President Susanna Mkrtchyan and 2 of the board members - Lilit Tarkhanyan and Mher Bekaryan met NKR officials and the president Bako Sahakyan during a 2-day visit. The aim of the meeting was to make an appointment to open a Wikiclub in Stepanakert and to involve editors from NKR in Wikipedia. [1]

Wikipedia Education Program[edit]

High schools statistics[edit]

In this summary the contribution of Wikipedia Education program participant high schools is presented. Contributed bytes, number of edits, created articles, articles of the day is shown by May, 2014.

Schools Bytes Edits Articles Article of the day
Royalty Barnstar Hires.pngAYB 3 631 614 3 001 1 245 5*
Royalty Barnstar Hires.pngPhysmath 3 499 019 3 579 1 372 2*
Special Silver Barnstar.pngYeghvard 1 980 297 1 666 938
Special Bronze Barnstar.pngPhoton 208 364 184 78
Special Bronze Barnstar.pngEvrika 111 691 125 28
Quantum 79 318 129 58
Mkhitar Sebastatsi 20 839 14 12
Aregnazan 11 416 1 1
Total 9 345 987 8 525 3 663 7

Workshop in Yeghegnadzor[edit]

On May 17 a workshop was organized in Armenian State University of Economics Yeghegnadzor branch. The aim of the workshop was to involve students and professors in Wikiediting process in order they could enrich Armenian Wikipedia with professional articles of their field. During the workshop the editors learned how to edit Wikipedia, its rules, editing tools, etc.

Workshop trainers - Mher Bekaryan, Vachagan Gratian.

Workshop in Shirakatsi lyceum[edit]

Shirakatsi lyceum workshop participants

Education program launched in October, 2013 was in progress. On May 4 a workshop was organized in Shirakatsi lyceum one of the high schools of Yerevan. The participants mastered their Wikipedia editing skills.

Workshop trainers - Susanna Mkrtchyan, Mher Bekaryan

Wikicamp preparations[edit]

Workshop in Ministry of Diaspora[edit]

On May 4 a workshop was organized in the Ministry of Diaspora. The participants learned Wiki editing tools, Wikipedia rules, etc.

Workshop trainers - Mher Bekaryan, David Saroyan

Wiki Loves Earth[edit]

Wikimedia Ukraine is organizing an international photo contest with a natural heritage theme, Wiki Loves Earth 2014. The contest was being held from May 1 to May 31, 2014. Armenia joined the contest. Wiki Loves Earth is not only a great opportunity to show the charms of nature, but also a chance to draw public attention to environmental problems and Wikipedian activities. The focus is not only on sites of national importance, but also on the areas protected on the regional level and on the widest variety of natural sites possible: forests, parks, gardens, rocks, caves and whatever is protected within the participating countries. This means that most users will be able to find several natural heritage sites close to them.

25 days after the contest 36000 pictures were uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, 1800 of which were from Armenia. All the pictures are released under free license. Armenian participants shot a promoting video about the contest.

Wiki loves earth Armenia logo


In May Wikimedia Armenia volunteers started to digitize another Armenian encyclopedia - Armenia Encyclopedia to provide Wiki Camp participants by free sources other than Soviet Armenian Encyclopedia. During the month the encyclopedia was digitized and published on Wikisource.