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Armenian Question encyclopedia[edit]

Armenian Question Encyclopedia cover

In the April Armenian Wikipedia community decided to write and improve articles about Armenian Genocide and related themes. "Collaboration Month on Genocide" was launched in 25th April and lasted a month. The participants of Collaboration Month asked Wikimedia Armenia to support them, digitize and make OCR of "Armenian Question Encyclopedia" which is released under creative commons license. Wikimedia Armenia volunteer David Saroyan made the scanning and OCR of the book and put on Wikisource, thus giving wikipedians a free license recourse to write articles.

Wikipedia Education Program[edit]

Vazgen Sargsyan Military Institute[edit]

One Armenian one article project involved many officials from the Government of Armenia. Minister of Defense Seryan Ohanyan was one of them[1][2]. He got interested by the project, wiki ideas and accepted the suggestion of Wikimedia Armenia to organize workshops in the Military Institute, which is controlled by Ministry of Defense. Wikimedia Armenia team should teach the professors of the institute how to edit in Wikipedia, what is Wikipedia and how does it work. During 3 months once a week there was a workshop in the institute where about 20 military professors participated. As a result about 260 professors were trained and learnt Wikipedia basics.

Young connoisseurs club of Eghvard[edit]

Workshop in Eghvard

Yeghvard is a town in Kotayk region of Armenia about 40 km far from Yerevan. Wikimedia Armenia team visited Young connoisseurs club of Eghvard and by the help of their leader organized a workshop of wiki editing. 17 members of the club participated. Participants created their first articles in Wikipedia.

Workshop in Photon lyceum[edit]

Education program launched in October, 2013 was in progress. On April a new school was included. Photon lyceum is one of the best high schools of Gyumri. WMAM volunteers Mher Bekaryan and Susanna Mkrtchyan organized a workshop there.

Meghu organization[edit]

After the workshop in Photon lyceum, WM AM team had a workshop in Meghu organization. Meghu is an organization which provides space for different activities has various clubs for children. WM AM volunteers Susanna Mkrtchyan and Mher Bekaryan organized a workshop, 28 children participated.

During the workshop in Meghu organization

Aregnazan educomplex[edit]

Also an attempt was made to include Aregnazan educomplex and its students to Wikipedia Education program. A workshop was organized in April but the overall activity was low.

Aregnazan education project banner

Education Program summary for April[edit]

In this summary the contribution of Wikipedia Education program participant high schools is presented. Contributed bytes, number of edits and created articles is shown by 17th April, 2014.

Schools Bytes Edits Articles
AYB 2 754 467 2 240 1 025
Phys math 2 435 539 2 651 994
Quantum 79 318 129 58
Evrika 83 605 106 20
Mkhitar Sebastatsi 20 839 14 12
Aregnazan 11 416 1 1
Sum 5 385 184 5 141 2 110

One Armenian one article[edit]

Meeting with modern Armenian writers[edit]

Wiki activists each week organized meetings with different professional groups - artists, writers etc. in the framework of "One Armenian, one article" marathon. The regular meeting was arranged with with modern Armenian writers at "Armenian book" bookstore. The space was provided by a wiki editor and bookstore manager Ashot Gabrielyan. The meeting had a goal to encourage writers to write and edit in Wikipedia. 11 modern writers participated in this event.  Writers photos were also taken to upload in Commons and later use in articles[3].

115 000th article in Armenian Wikipedia[edit]

The author of 115 000th article getting his present.

After the writers meeting there was a small award ceremony where Wikimedia Armenia awarded the author of 115 000th article. Narek wrote the 115000th article in Armenian Wikipedia. He was awarded by a painting, which was earlier painted by One Armenian one article's participant artist.

International involvement[edit]

Wikimedia Conference 2014[edit]

Armenian team participated in Wikimedia Conference 2014, Berlin, the annual meeting of all Wikimedia chapters, thematic organizations and users, board and staff members of the Wikimedia Foundation. They discussed the future of the Wikimedia movement in terms of collaboration, structures and organizational development.

Wiki clubs[edit]

Opening of Gyumri wiki club[edit]

Wikiclub of Gyumri was opened on 18th April, 2014 in the hall of KASA (KASA Fondation Humanitaire Suisse) organization in Gyumri. Club preparation started from 8th March by the collaboration of Wikimedia Armenia, Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, Gyumri InfoTun and KASA. Gyumri wikiclub aims to create an active wiki community in Gyumri, which will support the popularization of free knowledge and content. There were many guests invited from different organizations and institutions of Gyumri.

During the openeing ceremony there were short presentations about Gyumri wikiclub and his goal, important wiki projects, regional and international projects of WM, as well as a free discussion about these themes.

Wiki Camp preparation[edit]

  • Volunteers and division of roles - All the volunteers who wanted to take part in the camp organization gathered together to discuss further actions.
  • Finding an appropriate camp - Organization team reviewed several camps as candidates for the camp. We were looking for such a camp which would have good accommodations and large playgrounds (soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton, etc)