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Wiki Camp Vanadzor 2014[edit]

Wiki Camp Vanadzor 2014

The success registered in the Wikipedia education program, encouraged Wikimedia Armenia to initiate the Wikicamp program, at Vanadzor, one of the scenic locations in Armenia (July 6-20, August 12-26). The participants in the camp program were within the ages of 14 -20, who have shown active participation within Wikipedia education programs. The goal of the camp was to introduce them to tools and capabilities they are currently not familiar with and to help them improve the quality of their output. Campers also participated in day trips to various cultural and historical sights within the region. This helped them become better contributors to existing and upcoming Wikimedia programs such as Wiki Loves Monuments, Wiki Loves Earth, etc.

The Camp brought together 100 active Wikimedia contributors between the ages of 14 and 20 who were selected on the basis of volume and quantity of their contributions in Armenian Wikipedia. These editors received free passes to participate in the camping event. All the participants spent 4 hours a day writing articles devoted to Armenia and Armenians in Eastern Armenian, Western Armenian or other languages for 14 consecutive days.

During their two-week stay, the participants of the camping event mastered the tools of wiki editing and wrote articles with the help of active Wikipedia editors. To facilitate the activities of the campers and make them more effective, digitized versions of literature in Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian was posted on Armenian Wikisource. There were also printed versions of literature, which served as a source for the articles to be written. The daily activities included Armenian song and dance lessons, screenings of Armenian films and meetings with renowned academics, writers and cultural figures.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]

Workshop in Wiki camp

Wiki camp had a great success. Almost everything went the way we had planned (number of the participants, contributions of the campers, media coverage). The campers became a great family who still don't miss the opportunity to meet and organize workshops.

About 2000 articles were created and 46 were improved about Armenia, Armenian history, monuments, geography, science and related themes in Western and Eastern Armenian languages. There were 59 participants in the first Wiki Camp among which were payable participants who were paid either by sponsors (Intellectual Renaissance) or their own. After the first Wiki Camp the interest towards Wiki movement and Wiki Camp was significantly increased the result of which was the growth of payable participants from 23 to 43. 11 of created/improved articles were chosen as day articles and were shown on the main page of Armenian Wikipedia.

After the camp the organization team summarized the results of the first wiki camp, discussed the advantages and disadvantages and began preparations of the second camp.

See Armnews reportage about first Wiki camp with English subtitles.

Statistics of the camp[edit]

There were 59 participants in the first Wiki camp. All participants except 1 created more than 10 articles (1989 in sum, each participant 34 in average). See number of created articles for each participant here. See also detailed contribution of each free participant here measured by Wiki metrics.

Wiki Camp Vanadzor 2014, first shift, statistics of participants.png
Metrics of the first Wiki Camp
Participants 59
Pages created 1 989
Bytes 8 818 671
Edits 6 323
Newly Registered 23

Wikimedia Education Newsletter and blog[edit]

Armenian Wikipedia has 125 000 articles[edit]

On July 24, 2014 the 125 000th article was written in Armenian Wikipedia. It was Գործվածքների վերջնամշակում article written by Shadyworld1 editor from Yeghvard high school.