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Wiki loves science[edit]

Psychologists during the workshop at WM AM office

Wiki loves science is a project that aims to improve and add scientific-educational content to Armenian Wikipedia as well as involve more scientists, scholars, professors and students in Wiki movement. During Wiki loves science project there were organized workshops with students and professors of different universities of Armenia.

Workshop with YSU Philosophy and Psychology Faculty[edit]

Yerevan State University (YSU) psychology faculty and philosophy is one of the main institutions for psychological education in Armenia. In 1992 the Department of Psychology was opened at the Faculty of Philosophy and it was renamed the Faculty of Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology. Five chairs, the experimental psychology laboratory, scientific-research laboratories for experimental psychology and for personal and professional activities function in its structure, as well as Centre for Applied Psychology.

Two workshops were organized with YSU Psychology faculty students. Workshops were organized by the help of Gayane Ghazaryan, who is a student at that faculty and the winner of second wiki camp. Workshop trainer was Lilit Tarkhanyan. There were 15 (9 first and 6 second workshop) participants.

ASUE Student council[edit]

Armenian State University of Economics (ASUE) is the center of economical education in Armenia. Workshops were organized by the help of Student Council of ASUE. Three workshops were made. Approximately 60 students participated in the workshops.

YSMU students[edit]

Doctors and students of medical university are also involved in Wiki loves science project. Yerevan State Medical University is the biggest and most popular medical university in Armenia. Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU) is a highly reputed University in the world, which occupies its honorable place in WHO (World Health Organization) directory of medical schools. It is a leading government medical University in Eastern Europe. YSMU was founded in 1920. The highest administrative organ is the University Council, which convenes at least twice a year. In October 2 workshops were arranged. 24 students and doctors (11, 13) took place.

WLS Second Weekend[edit]

Wiki loves science, second Weekend group photo

WLS second Weekend took place on October 24-26 in Aghveran[1][2]. All participants was editors who earlier showed interest to wikiediting during workshops and wanted to learn more about wikimovement, editing tools, article creation etc. Internet was provided by VivcaCell MTS mobile operator. The schedule of the Weekend was planned beforehand. Along with mastering wiki editing tools participants were creating articles in their field of study. 24 participants and 4 organization team members took part in the Weekend.

Second Weekend metrics
Bytes net sum 971138
Pages created 128
Edits 1043

Wikipedia Education program[edit]

Statistics for October[edit]

School/city/club Participants Articles Bytes Edits Translated Improved Article of the day
Aparan 27 1019 4165968 1722 890 171 2
Yeghvard 81 903 2209952 1801 185 44 4
Evrika 33 83 900580 435 45 1 5
11th school 1 18 225028 156 11 0 1
Ayb 39 26 191031 118 21 10 0
Physmath 30 25 95603 93 25 6 1
Yerevan 11 22 165743 103 1 0 0
Argel 2 4 34998 20 0 0 0
Photon 7 1 34476 20 0 0 0
190th chool 7 2 5107 19 0 0 0
Abovyan 2 0 47766 15 0 0 0
Armavir 2 0 0 0 0 0 0
Sum 242 2102 8076252 4502 1178 232 13

Wiki Camp Fall Weekend[edit]

Campers during editing

Wiki Camp Weekend was short term camp organized in Tsakhkadzor, October 17-19 during school fall holidays. There were 29 participants, 24 campers and 5 organization team members. Organization team included Dato Abuladze, Susanna Mkrtchyan, Arsen Harutyunyan, Nazeli Kamsaryan, Nune Nadiryan. Nazeli Kamsaryan and Nune Nadiryan are volunteers and leaders of wiki clubs in Aparan and Eghvard respectively. Campers were mainly from wiki clubs in Aparan and Eghvard. They had a desire to participate in such a camp the original idea was their. There was a participation fee and all campers paid for participation. Only the transportation was provided by WM AM. Campers were divided into 2 groups - experienced and new editors. Experienced editors and their trainer mainly concentrated on article translation from Russian and English. Second group mastered their editing skills using ASE articles, learnt new techniques and tools in Wikipedia.