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Wikimedia Armenia/Reports/2014-06

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Armenian Nature encyclopedia cover

Household and Armenian Nature encyclopedias[edit]

In June Wikimedia Armenia volunteers started to digitize another Armenian encyclopedias - Household and Armenian Nature encyclopedias to provide Wiki Camp participants by free sources other than Soviet Armenian Encyclopedia. During the month both encyclopedias were digitized and put on Wikisource.


Contract with National Library of Armenia[edit]

Contract between Wikimedia Armenia and National Library of Armenia

Wikimedia Armenian and National library of Armenia signed a contract on 12th June, 2014 to support the share and creation of scientific educational Armenian content, provide free knowledge by Wikimedia projects. National library released all its copyright materials under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 and will provide these and other free license materials to Wikimedia Armenia to digitize and use in Wikimedia projects.

Wiki Camp preparation[edit]

  • Acceptance of applications. Since June we started the admissions of the application for the camp. At first the deadline was set on 20 June but due to the participants' requests that they don't manage to apply we prolonged the deadline till 30 June.
  • Wiki Camp page was created in Armenian Wikipedia. Each day had its own workspace where the teams could find the list of articles to be created. (First, Second Wiki Camps), choosing the themes for each day
  • Lists of articles to be created and improved in Armenian Wikipedia, dividing them into days. (See those lists on the main pages of Wiki Camp workspaces)
  • Visiting "Tsitsernak" camp, agreements with the camp directorate: food, playgrounds, workshop rooms, bedrooms, etc.
  • Collaboration with VivaCell-MTS Armenia to provide wireless internet connection: 2 wireless modems each 40 MB/sec speed for 50 users.
  • Badges, pens, camp tickets and T-shirts design
  • Wiki team selected those participants who fit the requirements of the camp. Mainly the applicants contributions in wiki projects were taken into account. Contacting the participants.
  • Technical team found the most appropriate bus company and made an agreement.
  • Printing the badges, pens, camp tickets and T-shirts
  • Team leaders responsible person actions for this period:
    • Divided the campers into groups and rooms.
    • Regularly met with volunteers who wanted to be group leaders.
    • Chose the group leaders, organized meetings with them each week
    • Agreement with photographer and national dance teacher
    • Agreement with National library of Armenia to provide space for meeting with group leaders, participants and parents.

Wiki Camp parents' and participants' meeting[edit]

On 2nd June Wikimedia Armenia, Wiki Camp organization team organized a meeting with parents and participants. Organization team leader and WM AM president Susanna Mkrtchyan presented the schedule and requirements of the camp, proposed activities and events and answered the questions parents and participants posed. In the end Wiki camp tickets were handed to the participants.

Wikicamp parents and participants meeting in Armenian National Library