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Wikimedia CEE Hub/Steering Committee/New members

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Regional hub covering Central and Eastern Europe


The CEE Hub Steering Committee consists of a group of people with diverse skills and expertise. New members of the CEE Hub Steering Committee should therefore have skills and expertise that they can use when on the Steering Committee to contribute to the support system of the CEE region. The goal of this page is to highlight these requirements and make you familiar with the type of work that is done within the CEE Hub.

Goals and aims the CEE Hub strives towards[edit]

The CEE Hub strives to be an inclusive and balanced environment that emphasises teamwork and aims to have all kinds of voices, views and insights present at discussions. That is why the meetings, that happen every two weeks on a Wednesday at 18:00 CE(S)T/19:00 EE(S)T, are also attended by people that are not staff or Steering Committee members, called the advisory group. They have the opportunity to comment or ask questions about the topics and are treated equally to Steering Committee members (except for when there is something to vote on). The group is open to anyone interested in what is happening in CEE and the CEE Hub.

The same goal applies to the setup of the Steering Committee. It should be representative of the CEE region as a whole, and cover as many aspects and topics of this very diverse region as possible. At the same time it is also important to acknowledge the economic differences between the countries in the CEE region and takes this into account, and ensure that people from countries with a lower average income or with a lower economic status are not excluded from participating in the CEE Hub because of the fact that they would have to volunteer their time.

For these reasons the CEE Hub is now looking for people interested in becoming members of the Steering Committee for Year 3 of the CEE Hub (starting October 2024). You can apply by clicking on the button below until July 1st 24:00 UTC.

Apply now for the CEE Hub Steering Committee

Skills and expertise needed[edit]

The first set of criteria for putting together a balanced and representative Steering Committee of 10 members are based on a mixture of the following aspects (in no particular order):

  • Region
  • Gender
    • should be balanced 50/50 between female and male Steering Committee members
  • Role within Wikimedia
    • volunteer, board member of an affiliate, staff member of an affiliate, or others (for example people from organisations with similar aims or ideals)
  • Economic and societal situation
    • Based on different measurements that emphasise the different economic realities that people in the CEE region live in, ensuring that the Steering Committee doesn't consist just of people from economically richer countries

The second set of criteria is focused on the skills and expertise that a Steering Committee of the CEE Hub should have. It covers day-to-day operations like being responsible for the staff members of the CEE Hub, being accountable and communicating with the groups involved in the CEE Hub as well as working on the short to long-term strategy and development of the CEE Hub.

General areas of skills and expertise
  • People and Culture
    • Taking care of the staff members of the CEE Hub, making sure they have a safe and positive work environment
    • Knowledge in employment law relevant to the staff members of the CEE Hub
    • Knowing how to set up recruitment processes to hire staff in an international setting
  • European tax systems
    • Expertise in how EU tax regulations and frameworks work and how this affects the CEE Hub and its fiscal sponsor as an employer across borders
  • Communication
    • Talking to CEE communities, affiliates, the Wikimedia Foundation as well as partnership organisations and other hubs on a regular basis
  • Knowledge of the CEE region
    • Knowing about current political events within CEE that affect communities and affiliates
  • Cultural sensitivity
    • Respecting different approaches to solving tasks
    • Understanding the cultural and societal background of a person and being able to adjust one's behaviour to accommodate others
    • Being able to work in an international environment with many different world views and realities
Wikimedia areas of skills and expertise

Identified gaps (as of 2024)[edit]

Gaps in expertise, skills and knowledge within the current CEE Hub Steering Committee should illustrate what new members of the CEE Hub could contribute to the Steering Committee. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Gender imbalance of 3 female to 7 male committee members
  • Regions not covered
    • Caucasus
    • Bulgaria/Romania
    • Baltic
  • Languages not covered
    • Minority languages
    • Baltic languages
  • Aspects of Wikimedia not covered
    • Advocacy
    • GLAM
  • Communities
    • Links to other open knowledge communities outside of Wikimedia (for example OpenStreetMap, Open Knowledge Foundation, etc.)
    • Free knowledge/transparency advocacy groups