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European Water Project
A collaboration with Wikimedia Switzerland and OpenStreetMap
Instructions for adding a fountain and/or a photo of a fountain.

The first time it is a bit complicated, but subsequent fountain additions will be a breeze. And remember, your contribution is valuable.

Instructions in three separate sections :

For section 1 of the instructions we find it easiest to have accurate geocoordinate codes prepared. We suggest either using the built in capabilities of your mobile phone or downloading one of the many app from either the Apple Play Store (IOS) or the Google Play Store (Android). Here are some suggestions :

  1. Iphone instructions [[1]]
  2. Latitude Longitude [[2]]
  3. Google Map Instructions [[3]]

For section 2 of the instructions you will need to have downloaded to your home or laptop computer the photo of the fountain. Please consider taking a photo of the fountain which is zoomed in because it will show up as a relatively small image on the application.

For section 3 a fountain in OpenStreetMap must already be pre-existing and you must have a photo downloaded to your computer and have the geocoordinates at hand.

After the drinking fountain is created in the underlying database it will be freely available to the public on OpenStreetMap and through the European Water Project application. The drinking fountain you add to the OpenStreetMap database will not appear right away on websites or applications using OpenStreetMap and Wikimedia data until they refresh their databases.

Please only provide information that are generally accepted and not proprietary. Abuse will not be tolerated by the database communities.

Create a new fountain in OpenStreetMap[edit]

Follow step by step as shown here

Log on OpenStreetMap
(create an account on if you don’t already have one)

EWP Instr OSM Sign Up

Zoom in using the + in the top right and search for the area where the fountain is located using the top left search bar

EWP Instr OSM Zoom to town

Add the geolocalisation code in the search bar (type the longitude, put a comma, and then type the latitude). You now see a red pin showing the location of the drinkable water fountain you want to add. Click on Edit on the upper left menu of the screen. You then see an aerial view of the location where you want to place the fountain. Check that it is correct.

Alternatively, you can directly zoom in to the right place and in the edit mode, place the fountain at the right place (since you know where it is «on the ground»). Advantage: You don’t need an extra tool for geolocalization.

EWP Instr OSM pin after entering geocoordinates

On the left of your screen, click on « Drinking water »

EWP Instr OSM Choose Drinking Water

Scroll down menu to « All tags ». Click on « + » under « amenity » to create two other tags. drinking_water = yes and name = "the name you choose"

EWP Instr OSM Amenity Settings without photo

You are almost there ! 2 last steps to save your new fountain properly:
Click on the save button on the top right of the screen.

EWP Instr OSM save button

In the upper left window of the screen, under « Changeset comment », write : « Added new fountain ». Click on « Upload ». Congratulations, you have just added a new water fountain !

EWP Instr OSM Confirm Upload

Add a photo of a fountain to Wikimedia Commons[edit]

This section explains how to add an image or multiple images to a fountain.

  • Create a Wikidata account (sign up here) and/or log in (here)
  • An OpenStreetMap fountain needs to exist. To learn how to create a new fountain item in OpenStreetMap go to the section #Create a new fountain in OpenStreetMap:

On the left menu: click on « Upload file » and then click on « Select media files to share »

EWP Wikicommons Upload Wizard

Get the picture from your computer files, upload it and when done, press « continue ».
Confirm copyright information

EWP Wikicommons successful upload

Give image information
Look up suitable categories in the search bar if applicable

EWP Wikicommons Instr add description

On the page with the two links, use the one which starts with https://
« To link in HTML, copy this URL ». Press « copy ».
This is the link which you will put in the OpenStreetMap fountain
For those of you have already added a fountain. This will be an image tag

EWP Wikicommons getting the links

Link a Wikimedia Commons image to an OpenStreetMap Fountain[edit]

This section explains how to link a photo from Wikimedia Commons, often referred to as Wikicommons to an OpenStreetMap photo.

The prerequisite for completing this section is for their to be

1) an OpenStreetMap fountain for which you want to add a photo and for you to have an OpenStreetMap Account. To keep things simple, most objects within OpenStreetMap are referred to as Nodes. If this is not yet done, go to #Create a new fountain in OpenStreetMap

2) a photo of the fountain in Wikimedia Commons (Wikicommons) for which you have the link. If you have not yet put your photo in Wikicommons, go to : #Add a photo of a fountain to Wikimedia Commons

Go back to OpenStreetMap Go back to the water the area where you just added a water fountain. Click on « Edit » (upper left screen), and only then will you see the fountain you just added. Select the red pin and it will start blinking. Scroll down the left menu to « All tags » and add a new tag (« + » under amenity) Type « image » in window. On the right, paste the url that was previously copied in Wiki Commons. Click on top right icon « save » Indicate in « changeset comment » window : « picture added ». Upload. Congratulations, you just added a new picture !!!

Log on OpenStreetMap
(create an account on if you don’t already have one)

EWP Instr OSM Sign Up

Either go to the fountain you created in #Create a new fountain in OpenStreetMap or zoom in to the area of the map where the fountain is located. On the next step you will query the features by clicking on the arrow with the question mark on the right hand menu.

EWP Instructions OSM zoom to fountain area

Query the fountain by selecting the query tool and click on the fountain. Shown in the circle on the illustration. On the left display area will be a selection of nearby map objects. Hopefully the fountain node (the language for a map item) will display. Click on this item to go to the next step.

EWP Instructions OSM query fountain

In the tag section, add an image tag and enter a link to the picture you just created.

EWP Instructions OSM add image tag

On the top right, click on save.

EWP Instructions OSM Click Save

Before loading the change, you need to say what change you made to the fountain.

EWP Instructions OSM upload change

After the change has been made, you should re-query the fountain to make sure your change has been made.

EWP Instructions osm query to confirm