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Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia

This page is the 2018 Annual Report for Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia (MYS) for the period of 10 September 2017 – 9 September 2018. This annual report is the first report submitted by the user group after its official formation and formal recognition on 10 September 2017. In general, this first year is the year of establishment and expansion on the identity of the user group.

Note: By default, all of the links written here are directed to Meta-Wiki pages. If not, then it will be directed to English Wikipedia pages, and some to Wikimedia Commons or third-party websites.


Previously before the formation of the user group, the Wikipedia community in Malaysia had several meetups just to get to know who are the editors in Malaysia. Several meetups were made, but not so many new editors appeared. Most of the time, only the same editors who came again and again. Although there are quite a number of active numbers of Wikipedians doing editing to Malaysia-related Wikipedia articles, apparently most of them are 'shy' to appear in public among us, the editors who like to make meetups. Many discussions were held with other active overseas Wikimedia user group/chapters/editors, or during any Wikimedia conference to keep learning on how to start and grow a user group.

Coming to the 2017-2018 of the user group first year in action, we decided to make more community outreach because the name of Wikipedia is still not there yet in Malaysia at that time. We targeted groups or involved in events, to get more of the masses coming together for our meetup events. We've been trying several times on how to fine tune the presentation about how to edit or write Wikipedia several times by listening to the inputs from the attendees. Some attendees come and go, but some other stay. After a while, we've had a sort of like a more standardize way of doing Wikipedia things in Malaysia. After kept doing this, we started to see the momentum picking up in Malaysia in which some parties kept asking for casual meetup, continuous meetings or follow ups. Along the way, we also started to see active Wikipedia editors in other Malaysian states (far away from any state in which we had any Wikipedia meetup before). Those active editors were willing to make meetups in their area. What we did was to standardize on how to do things and how to make the report of it (e.g. photo, number of attendees, minutes of meetings, any problem or inquiry etc).

Lately we've been going into a more high profile public outreach in which the user group presented at an international conference at the capital city of Malaysia. More related agency/institution people we met, and we hope we can create a collaboration with them and long-term engagement to benefit both sides. Now, there are more editors to help around with the social media or promotional-related matters for any of the user group events, including translation into other languages than English. Nevertheless, lack of manpower (number of active editors who want to volunteer) is still the biggest challenge for the user group in expanding further.

The main vision for the 1st year of the user group establishment was to create the Malaysia identity for the user group.

High committees[edit]

Three active Wikipedia editors voluntarily formed the high committees to maintain the documentation works required for the user group. In day-to-day reality, everyone helped each other whenever who is available to run the user group with other editors who are not high committees.

  • Chongkian, President (2017–2018)
  • SNN95, Vice President I (2017–2018)
  • Sabre23t, Vice President II (2017–2018)


Note: All names are listed alphabetically. For 2019 annual report onward, only new editors will be listed in the annual report Meta-Wiki page.


Prior to the start term of the 2018 annual report (before 10 September 2017), there has been several Wikipedia editors joined together to form the Wikipedia Malaysia community and had meetups.


The following list is the existing editors who joined the user group (or any event organized/related to the user group) after its formation and new editors who joined because of the outreach events made by the user group after its official formation. Only those who have made their Meta-Wiki or Wikipedia username and user pages will be listed here. During some meetups, there were people who only became audience or passively participated in without having their hands on the computers.


Note: By default, all of the events are meetups, unless specified otherwise; or if they are more detailed than just meetups. All locations are in Malaysia, unless specified otherwise. All events were organized by the user group or the second party we were dealing directly with, unless specified "(participated)", in which we took part in a larger event organized by the third party.





  • Meetup is a general meeting between editors face-to-face discussing Wikipedia without really focusing on Wikipedia in the Internet
  • Presentation is a one-way explanation about Wikipedia to audience in which the audience do not really engaged in editing Wikipedia
  • Workshop is an event where there is presentation and also the engagement from the audience in learning or editing Wikipedia in their computer



The following planned meetups are the meetups in which the user group had already an initial discussion within this first year of user group (10 September 2017 to 9 September 2018) with the institution/venue to make a Wikipedia meetup in the future, but has not yet been confirmed regarding the scope, date and time. Therefore the listing is without any specific order of immediate occurrence.

Articles created[edit]

Glulam Gallery @ Johor Meetup 3
Crescendo International College @ Johor Meetup 4
Sunway College Residence @ Johor Meetup 5

While most of the time during any event, many of the new editors learn how to edit Wikipedia articles only, but there were also other occasion where we learned how to make articles from scratch. The following list are the articles created during or because of any of the meetup held by the user group. On the right side are the photos uploaded during Wikipedia meetup events organized by the user group.

English Wikipedia[edit]

Malay Wikipedia[edit]


GLAM Newsletter - World Library and Information Congress 2018
5 September 2018
for Wikipedia Kuala Lumpur Meetup 4

Other activities[edit]

Social media[edit]

We've been trying to be active in promoting the user group existence and events in social media. Not only about meetup events related, but also about introduction of Wikimedia Foundation projects, tips and tricks in editing/using Wikipedia, special/unique features found in Wikimedia Foundation projects, what's going on in real life in which is of great interest for Wikimedia Foundation projects, any latest update with the user group, technical paper publications about Wikipedia, Wikipedia-related news found in Internet by third party website hosts (e.g. online news) etc.

Some of the following social media were created from new, some of them we took over from the person who previously created it but didn't run it often.

Aside from those 4 web addresses, we have also been active in promoting or reporting on our events at the Wikimedia Asia-Oceania Forum Facebook group.


Note: Archiving these website might be necessary to be done soon because the information contained in it might easily be changed in the future by the website host.

In the News[edit]
Promotion and Publications by Third Parties[edit]


Previously, we've had the Wikipedia t-shirts and Wikipedia Malaysia meetup banner. This 2018 annual report year, we've created the user group logo and name card in four major languages in Malaysia (English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil).

Planned activities[edit]

  • Expansion on the Chinese and Tamil-language articles of Malaysia
  • The establishment of new languages in Wikipedia from Malaysia indigenous languages (e.g. Iban, Kadazan, etc)
  • The establishment of Jawi script Wikipedia
  • Make first Wikipedia meetup in every state or federal territory (left with Kedah, Labuan, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Penang, Perak, Perlis, Putrajaya, Sawarak, Terengganu)
  • Get editors based in every state or federal territory
  • Create Wikipedia student club in universities or colleges
  • Make Wikipedia outreach to the disabled community and make it more accessible to them
  • Make Wikipedia meetups on animation or multimedia-related works or workshops
  • The creation of Malaysia version of Wikipe-tan (this is the most important one! lol ~ :P)


Wikimedia Foundation[edit]

We would like to express our utmost gratitude to Wikimedia Foundation for the full support and sponsorship of:

Before 2018 MYS user group annual report period:

During 2018 MYS user group annual report period:

Wikimedia Users[edit]

We would also like to express our special thanks to the following user for all of the help, advice, support and everything that it needs to start and run the user group, especially at its early stage.

Events and Activities Reports[edit]


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