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WikiWomen meetup[edit]

During Wikimedia Conference 2018 we are organizing a WikiWomen meetup with the following objectives:

  • Set up common goals, common agenda and preliminary working plan for 2018.
  • Learn, share and define common projects.
  • Strenghtening relationships & partnerships.


The meetup will happen on Friday 20 from 19:30.


We will meet in a room (to be defined) at the conference venue.


The meeting is organized around the following tentative agenda:

  • Welcome and brief introduction - 1-2 min
  • Needs assessment: work in groups to define the main needs and challenges regarding diversity within the movement - 30 min
  • Projects session:
  • VisibleWikiWomen campaign - 10/15 min
  • Global Support network- 10/15 min
  • ART+FEMINISM- 10/15 min
  • Support for transgender women in WikiWomen Taiwan last year - 10/15 min
  • Women in the Wikimedia movement: conversations with communities - María Cruz - 5 minutes
  • Other initiatives - 30 min
Add below:
  • Working on solutions workshop: work in groups around the needs indentified on the first workshop & global support network


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Notes from the meeting[edit]

Needs assessment[edit]

Participants were asked to write down their needs and challenges in relation to work on gender diversity in the movement. These needs were grouped into seven main categories and one for other (that didn't fit into one of the other categories :) ).

Leadership Policy Harrassment Connection Allyship
More women in decision-making positions (admins & affiliates) Review of notability, reliable sources policies Consequences for bad/uncomfortable behavior Safe & brave spaces Support & programs to build up male allies
Facilitating a path -- moving from the entry point to deep participation (boards, admins) Review policies for on-wiki leadership positions Support in asking questions Work on projects that are likely to attract male contribution & support
Safe spaces for connection on & off wiki Support for women's articles and RFD
Tips for keeping discussion inclusive, open & safe
Support network
Space for participation
More in-person connections -- drop barrier of online interaction
Non-competitive entry points
Space to talk about shared experiences, fear, imposter syndrome
More WikiWomen camps -- regional?
More sustained & coordinated support to keep gender leaders networked
Collaboration Research Tools Other
Cross-project/cross language exchange Better data around content, contributors, projects, languages, countries Interactive project map FUN!
Attract gender experts from outside the movement Better definition of the gap. Equity does not equal representation. List of all gender diversity projects Time
More volunteers! Need to show diversity of non-males (families, ages, abilities, etc.). Diverse role models Self care
Cross-wiki approach Increased knowledge about current state Visibility
More sustained & coordinated support to keep gender leaders networked Off wiki gender diversity doesn't impact on wiki
Concrete ways to support each other-s work -- collaborate across contexts Self censorship
Funding for gender projects
WMF staff focused on gender gap/marginalized communiites

Working groups[edit]

Sign up if you're interested in joining a working group!