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Wikimedia LGBT+/Wikimania 2014

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Wikimania 2014 will be held in a major LGBT hub city - London - it has been suggested that we expand our offerings for Wikimania 2014. Among the suggestions:

  • Local team members indicated willingness to help organize a "Coming Out Party" for Wikimedia LGBT+ - possibly as a fundraiser for future scholarships for LGBT Wikimedians to attend Wikimania - all Wikimania participants and supporters invited
  • The Fifth Annual LGBT Wikimania Meetup as a more story sharing and less activity update based meetup - all LGBT Wikimania attendees and supporters are welcome to attend
  • A gathering to discuss LGBT activities within Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects, including Wikimedia LGBT
  • Possibly a leadership meeting for whatever form Wikimedia LGBT has taken by that time

People are encouraged to submit other ideas either on the mailing list or on this page.

August 7: Wikimania LGBT Meetup with AffCom liaisons


Here is a link to the etherpad for the August 7 LGBT meetup with AffCom liaisons:


Wikimania 2014 - London, United Kingdom

August 7, 2014 - Barbican Conservatory

Attendees: Jason, Dorothy, Tanvir, Kirill, James Hare, Fae

Several group members met with AffCom liasons Tanvir and and Kirill We discussed possible group names. Wiki User Group LGBT is emerging as the preferred name.

We discussed user group status vs. thematic chapter status, and future goals. User groups do not require formal membership. At the moment, there is no real need for chapter status. This would require additinal overhead and reporting requirements. Benefits of user group status include: formal affiliation, appropriate use of logo, branding. We will continue to focus on LGBT-related projects and content development.

TO DO: Determine which two people will sign the user group agreement. Vote on the user group name at Saturday afternoon's meetup.

James shared that Wikimedia DC is happy to fund LGBT-related projects in the US, when possible and appropriate.

We discussed/reviewed the inaugural Wiki Loves Pride campaign, including challenges, successes and future ideas.

(This is separate from the LGBT meetup(s) scheduled for Saturday, August 8.) --Another Believer (talk) 10:18, 9 August 2014 (UTC)[reply]

August 8: LGBT Meetup


Notes from the meeting posted above, in case the etherpad disappears. Feel free to expand/edit. Also, a request to page watchers to please indicate support or opposition to the name Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group on the main talk page. Thanks! --Another Believer (talk) 20:55, 10 August 2014 (UTC)[reply]