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Wikimedia MA User Group is a Wikimedian user group that has the goal of supporting Wikimedia projects in Morocco, supporting Moroccan Wikimedians, and becoming the recognized chapter in Morocco. Recognized by WMF affiliations committee in October 2015.[1]

Objectives of Wikimedia MA User Group[edit]

  • Contribute actively to the dissemination, improvement and advancement of free knowledge and culture through the development and distribution of encyclopedias, collections of quotations, books and other educational compilations of documents, especially in the languages spoken in Morocco (Arabic, Berber, French and English - depending on the needs), that:
  • are available through Internet technologies and the like —provided the availability of data sources, the usage of free format, and the availability of the work which is not restricted by technical measures;
  • the content of these works should be free, either by licensing conditions or limitations and scope of the rules governing copyright. What is meant by "freedom":
  • the freedom to use such works while enjoying the benefits of their use;
  • the freedom to study these works and to apply knowledge acquired from them;
  • the freedom to make and redistribute copies, in whole or part, of the information or expression;
  • the freedom to make changes and improvements, and to distribute derivative works;
  • promote and support of the Wikimedia Foundation projects directly or indirectly;
  • raise funds intended for such purposes;
  • maintain relations and cultural exchanges with other foreign, public or private entities and authorities.

Projects and Activities[edit]

Group activities[edit]

Wikimedia MA User Group plans to host outreach events, such as edit-a-thons and training sessions, around the country where experienced editors and newcomers can contribute to the Wikimedia projects together. We also plans to work with institutions to improve the quality of content on Wikipedia :

  • Edit-a-thons - to help new Wikipedians learn editing techniques, to enrich content about Morocco or work on and develop a certain topic.
  • Meetings - for the Wikimedians in Morocco to exchange ideas and to check what support do they need to continue editing Wikipedia.
  • Editing contests - to encourage existing users edit Wikipedia and to encourage non-users join.
  • Photography trips and contests - to encourage users upload photos to Commons.

Possible projects[edit]

Proposed headquarters[edit]