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Wikimedia Tunisia (ويكيميديا تونس)
Wikimedia Tunisia
الموقعتونس Icons-flag-tn.png
كود الدولةTN
تاريخ الاعتماد28 مايو 2014
اللغات الرسميةالعربية
لغات أخرىالفرنسية، الإنجليزية
مستندات التأسيسBylaws
الجهات الشقيقةمؤسسة ويكيميديا ، WikiFranca/ar
الموقع الإلكتروني
القائمة البريديةWikimedia TN
تلغرامWikimedia Tunisie
يوتيوبWikimédia Tunisie


Wikimedia Tunisia (Arabic: ويكيميديا تونس) is the Wikimedia user group to promoting Wikimedia projects and other projects of free content and access to knowledge in Tunisia. It was recognized on May 28th 2014 as the first user group in the Arabic-speaking countries.

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Telegram Channel: Wikimedia Tunisie

Wikimedia Commons فيسبوك تويتر إنستغرام يوتيوب لينكد إن


  1. Representing the Wikimedia Foundation in Tunisia.
  2. Establishing a base and a reference for all Tunisians in Wikipedia and all other Wikimedia projects.
  3. Promoting and developing the content related to Tunisia.
  4. Organizing activities, gatherings, workshops and different projects for contributors.
  5. Unifying the efforts of the contributors under one umbrella, especially those with technical skills.
  6. Gathering the contributors who live abroad and have them put some focus and efforts in enhancing content, especially what's related to Tunisia.
  7. Unifying the contribution in the international activities, such as Wiki Love… contests and others.