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Not to be confused with the Wikimedia Hong Kong.

Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong
3 October 2018
Location of Hong Kong within China
Location Hong Kong Flag of Hong Kong.svg
Country code HKG
Founding date 9 February 2017
Approval date 28 September 2018 [1]
Official language(s) Cantonese, English
Other language(s) Chinese, Japanese
Affiliations ESEAP
Facebook WikimediaUGHK

Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong (WMHKG) is a Wikimedian user group covering the geographic region of Hong Kong. Affiliate status recognized by Affiliations Committee on 28 September 2018.

Residents of Hong Kong are welcome to join the user group. Non-locals can join also at this stage, but may subject to alterations of rights to participate in community matters. We also consider membership from people who are having connections with Hong Kong.


  • To raise awareness of the Wikimedia movement and free knowledge culture among Hong Kong citizens.
  • To support Hong Kong Wikimedian communities in English, Chinese, Cantonese and other Wikimedia projects.
  • To facilitate exchange of academic knowledge and cultural inheritance through Wikimedia projects in Hong Kong.
  • To co-operate with Wikimedia Foundation and its affiliates, Wikimedian communities and other organisations to further goals of the Wikimedia movement and enrich the Wikimedia projects.
  • To protect rights that the Wikimedia movement needs to provide existing services in Hong Kong.


Meetups, tutorials and occasional exposure trips[edit]

Main article: Meetup/Hong Kong

Tutorials and Editathons[edit]

Wikipedia Asian Month[edit]

Main article: Wikipedia Asian Month

Outreach Activities[edit]

  • WikiGap, both 2018 and 2019
  • Collaboration with Asia Art Archive on different themed edit-a-thons

WikiEdu in Hong Kong[edit]

  • Outreach Dashboard

Conferences and Seminars[edit]


As a group, there is no single person in charge. Community matters can be discussed in a dedicated Telegram chatroom (please contact 春卷柯南, 1233, WhisperToMe or Billytanghh for access) and at meet-ups.

For requesting help in editing tutorials or edit-a-thons, you may contact 春卷柯南 or 1233 via Telegram (@springrollconan (春卷柯南) / @theonly23333 (1233)) or email (春卷柯南 / 1233).

Group Liaisons[edit]

The current group liasons are:

  1. 1233;
  2. WhisperToMe; and
  3. Billytanghh


Please note that we are not accepting Wikimedians who are under 18 unless the application is jointly reviewed by Group Liaisons and core members. This does not apply to Wikimedians who have joined the user group before 10:53, 18 April 2019 (UTC).
Other users who want to join would also need to be reviewed by the Liaisons.
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Support Us[edit]

Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong currently does not accept donations in monetary form (or stock, etc.). Please donate directly to the Wikimedia Foundation through this link.

For other kinds of support, such as provision of venues and beverages during meetups, sponsoring user group activities, etc., please contact User Group Liaisons directly. The list of current liaisons can be found above.

Policies, reports and resolutions[edit]

  • "Recognition of Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong by the Affiliations Committee.". Retrieved 4 October 2018.