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Wikimedia User Group Hong Kong is a proposed Wikimedian user group covering the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong. It will replace Wikimedia Hong Kong - the former chapter in Hong Kong de-recognized in 2017. We are discussing on our plans and strategy; should we have this finalized we will notify the community, both domestic and foreign one, as soon as possible.

In our discussions it is suggested that Residents of Hong Kong can join the user group. Though non-local residents can join our group in another way instead of being our member. Also considered is the inclusion of Macau Wikimedian community in light that Wikimedia Macau was de-recognized.


The following are tasks need to be done for us to attain status as a Wikimedia User Group:

  • Request for recognition of the WMF.

A motion to amend the user group's mission has concluded and passed in July 2018. Nominations for liaisons of the user group to the AffCom has come to an end. All three candidates were elected. They are User:Billytanghh, User:1233 and User:WhisperToMe. The final task we have to do is to seek for the recognition from the WMF.

Email has been sent to Affcom by 1233.


  • To raise awareness of the Wikimedia movement and free culture among Hong Kong citizens.
  • Support Hong Kong Wikimedian communities in English, Chinese, Cantonese and other Wikimedia projects.
  • To facilitate the exchange of academic knowledge and cultural inheritance through Wikimedia projects in Hong Kong.
  • To co-operate with Wikimedia Foundation and its affiliates, Wikimedian communities and other organisations to further goals of the Wikimedia movement and enrich the Wikimedia projects.
  • To protect rights that the Wikimedia movement needs to provide existing services in Hong Kong.


Meetups, tutorials and occasional exposure trips[edit]

Main article: Meetup/Hong Kong

Wikipedia Asian Month[edit]

Main article: Wikipedia Asian Month


  • Wikipedia Clubs in selected universities


As a group, there is no single person in charge. Community matters can be discussed in a dedicated Telegram chatroom (please contact 春卷柯南 for access) and at meet-ups.

For requesting help in editing tutorials or edit-a-thons, you may contact 春卷柯南 or 1233 via Telegram (@springrollconan (春卷柯南) / @wcdvtr (1233)) or email (春卷柯南 / 1233)

Group Liasons to Affcom[edit]

The current group liasons are:

  1. 1233;
  2. WhisperToMe;and
  3. Billytanghh


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Reports and resolutions[edit]