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Wiktionary/Internal Communication/ar

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This page is a translated version of the page Wiktionary/Internal Communication and the translation is 0% complete.

This page is part of the Tremendous Wiktionary User Group initiative. This page aims to collect and help the diffusion of:

  • Reflexive thought on Wiktionary
  • Educational material
  • Visual material to promote Wiktionaries
  • Slides made to present Wiktionaries
  • Proposals for grants at WMF

See also the other subpages: External works, Technical improvements, LexiSession and Meetings.

You can start a page on Meta in any language you want. A translate administrator can switch the language to your language on request. You can also ping Pamputt or Noé, both translate admin and part of the user group.

Ideas and critical writings

This section is to share all personal or collective ideas about Wiktionary. Meta can be a repository and a vitrine to diffuse ideas from one linguistic community to the global community. Please diffuse your idea and help to translate to your own language!


You think the policy in one Wiktionary is particularly cool and want to diffuse it to the other community? This is the right place. It may become a depository for policies to help new Wiktionary to have a base to start.

Educational content

This section is to share all material made for teaching how to contribute on Wiktionary, including slides, booklets and Help pages. If your project have a great explanation on a specific topic, please, translate it in English and help other community to have access to it!

Visual material

Wiktionary needs promotion, and this section aims to collect all products and drafts to help other community to create their own without starting from scratch. Please add your productions in the main category on Commons and explain them here.

  • 2012 French leaflet: wrote in a series of leaflet by Wikimedia France, they all need to be update but the text is quite accurate.
  • 2016 French Mosaic poster (draft): in progress, with a desire of explaining what is Wiktionary through nine blocks of information.


This section is to list talks and conferences about Wiktionary made by contributors.