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The Algerian Wikimedians User Group
Annual activity report

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Des rapports doivent être mis sur la participation a chaque Evènement

Report 2022[edit]


WikiIndaba 2021 5th to 7th November 2021[edit]

WikiIndaba Conference is the regional conference for Africans both within and in the diaspora. The first edition was held in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2014 by Wikimedia ZA, the 2017 edition was held in Accra, Ghana by Open Foundation West Africa, the 2018 edition was held in Tunis, Tunisia by Wikimedia TN Usergroup, the 2019 edition was held in Abuja, Nigeria by in Abuja, FCT, Nigeria by the Wikimedia UG Nigeria. The 2020 edition of the conference was supposed to be held in Kampala, Uganda but was postponed and will instead be held as a virtual event hosted by the Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda

Date: 5th to 7th November 2021 Venue: Online https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WikiIndaba_conference_2021

WikiConvention francophone 20 to 21 /11/2021[edit]

Organized in virtual November 20 and 21, 2021.

The French WikiConvention is a WikiCon (a word for Wikimedia conference) dedicated to the French-speaking community. Its goal is to allow French-speaking contributors to the various Wikimedia projects to meet and exchange on free knowledge sharing, education, free software, etc.

Organized by WikiFranca, the first edition took place on August 20 and 21, 2016 in Paris.

WikiConvention francophone/2021

WikiDZ Users Group Praticipation

  1. Digitaliser et promouvoir le patrimoine par l'open by Dezedien
  2. Les 1001 Projets Wikimédia by Dezedien
  3. Stratégie 2030 pour les nuls Dezedien

Wiki Loves Africa 2022 15/03/2022[edit]

It should be noted that Wiki Loves Africa runs in EVERY African country (and beyond !).

In some countries, there is a wikipedian team willing to hosts event and activities. If that's your case, please add your country below.

But if your country is not listed here and you still want to participate to Wiki Loves Africa and submit pictures, please go ahead!


Kateb Maktoub[edit]

Kateb Maktub project is an initiative organized by the Emirates Literature Foundation in collaboration with Wikimedians of UAE User group in hopes to enrich Wikipedia’s content about Arab authors and books in both English and Arabic.

The information availability plays a crucial role in creating a relationship between readers and authors.

The main objective is to raise international awareness about Arab writers and their books, to provide high quality and credible information about them, and to broaden the horizons of cultural communication between the Arab world and the rest of the world.

The members of wikidz participated in the project especially in the members of juror and especially to give the opinions on the project and the rules and was fruitful


Brand Pilot WikiDZ 20/02/2022[edit]

We asked WMF's brand department to take part in the brand pilot project to improve our logo and overall visual image.

In contact with the WMF Branding group to launch the project,

we had several meetings with the branding manager,

we put out the call for tenders to 3 advertising agencies based in Algeria, I was in contact with Nacim and Adel to talk about the logo in general.

We'd like the fenec logo to remain unchanged, to evolve and be closer to the movement, to get away from the black and white color and be more contemporary, we're not going to change the logo to give it a facelift.


  • K for knowledge
  • Our logo design approach starts from the main wikidz element: the Fennec. (The fennec fox (Vulpes zerda) is a small crepuscular fox native to the deserts of North Africa, ranging from Western Sahara and Mauritania to the Sinai Peninsula.[1] Its most distinctive feature is its unusually large ears, which serve to dissipate heat and listen for underground prey. )
  • The Latin typography is that of the wkimedia global logo: Montserrat ExtraBold
  • Arabic typography known as “Khat Maghribi” identifies the style
  • authentic script used in the Maghreb region: arabswell_1
  • A copyright-free font (see the link: https://www.fontface.me/page/license)

Project With Nacim about Algerian Dictionary[edit]

As part of the projects we've seen in Algerian dialect, with the Algerian community and the whole of Wikimedia, we'd like to program a dictionary to be put online on the Internet, where users can record words from the Algerian language with all its characteristics and its translation into world languages, so that people visiting the site can look up words and find their meaning and Translations are for me.

This program will again be in contact with the Wikimedia dictionary, so that the words can be generated, so that pages containing all the information about the word can be created, and at the expense of the structure of the pages belonging to Wikimedia.

suitable for the group

This project is compatible with the Wikimedia project, from the point of view of the wikis I've seen in support of : Wikipedia and the Algerian WikiDictionary.

The dictionary project, look at it with the priorities of the Algerian community, and if we have to do it, we'll look at it with our community.

The dictionary will bring visitors to the Internet, and this thing will bring income to the association.

What's needed? The dictionary we want to create has to be programmed at the expense of the system that is used in the intranets where it is portable.

Collaboration Nouveau projet avec Jannatou El Arif 05 Mars 2022[edit]

We have signed a memorandum of understanding with the Janna El-Arif Foundation, the foundation that supported us in organizing the WikiArabia conference, to develop a mobile application, Maqamat al-Salam, which will open the door to innovative technology at the service of Algerian cultural heritage.

Algeria's cultural heritage is an asset not only for Algerians, but above all it is a global, human, universal and cosmic heritage, which is being preserved by all available means in space and time.

In this context, the "Maqamat al-Salam" project aims to contribute, along with other efforts, to the preservation and introduction of this heritage. It focuses in particular on historical and cultural monuments that are an integral part of the architecture of cities and the identity and history of their inhabitants, and highlights the role of heritage sites as places of diversity that have contributed and still contribute to promoting the values of peaceful coexistence.

The "Maqamat al-Salam" project aims to offer a unique local and global experience in presenting free knowledge about cultural heritage and interacting with it in an innovative and artistic way, in tune with its time and future. It embodies the idea of placing digital technology at the service of tangible and intangible heritage.

Wikimania 2022[edit]


WikiArabia Dubai[edit]

After five successful editions of WikiArabia in person and one virtual edition, and the Arab community's shared desire to keep conversations alive and connections strong, the sixth edition of the WikiArabia conference 2022 helded physically from October 28 to 30, 2022 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

9 participations of Algerian Wikimedians and it was the largest participation of Algerians without counting the organization whose team counted Algerians there were also Algerian expatriates established in Dubai who visited the conference, several presentations and projects were presented to the community and it was a great networking success to see what was being done and what needed to be done

  • Kamel selay was able to do his interviews for his research project to study the wiki community
  • Amine benloulou was able to promote the soudlogo project
  • Adel presented his work on wikisources and more




Wikiconvention francophone 2022 Paris[edit]

Aims of the WikiConvention francophone :

An event by the community, for the community

Encourage participation and pay particular attention to the diversity of participants

The event should enable knowledge sharing, debate, needs assessment, etc.



WikiFranca is a collaboration between the French-speaking groups of the Wikimedia movement, whether they are officially recognized as affiliated or not.

The goal of this collaboration is to encourage activities in the various French-language Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia and its sister projects, both on the Web and in the field. It not only allows local working groups without chapters in their country to organize activities and events in their localities and languages,

but also builds a bridge between the countries participating in French-language Wikimedia projects.

Wiki franca is a hub for the francophonie the group leads its membership for the next years and paid its participation for the two years during the wiki convention francophone in paris 2022, it continues to be present in the meetings of wikifranca as a founding member of the hub.



We got together to celebrate wikipadia's anniversary and benloulou presented the sound logo project for wikimedia's sound logo,

Algerian University in Mostaganem[edit]

We took part in the inclusivity event organized by a club of academics from the university of mostaganemen, and presented wikipedia and its role in bringing together all bangs of human society in a single community. its important objective is the dissemination of knowledge.

2023 workload plan meetings[edit]

Meetings were held from September onwards to plan the following year's work and to take stock of the past year to see if the 2023 program could be relaunched under the best possible circumstances.

  • Governance

2023 team recommends Group governance document for summer approval The group - the custodial mandate of the whole group - its missions Future executive program to be discussed Action plan Its objective is to submit an annual application for an SGA grant for a period of 1 to 3 months. The group's annual report to be read at the next meeting

  • Meetings

Following on from the meetings held by the Algerian Wikimediens user group Based on the recommendations of the meetings, group members were asked to reflect on the best way to hold the group's meetings

Wikidz governance 2023 meeting[edit]

In order to support the Group's major transformation and ensure that strategy 2030 reaches the Group under the right conditions,

we have launched a review to take stock of the participation of Group members and ensure that we are in the right conditions for governance positions.

The list of active members has been filtered by Adel and Ahmed on the group's meta page Bshunde: translation of the charter page https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Algeria/Charte

The following is a list of expected positions:

  • General Coordinator
  • General Secretariat (organizing meetings - writing reports)
  • Financial Resources Officer (Finance - Support)
  • In charge of Communication, Media and Partnerships
  • Assistant coordinator
  • Education program coordinator
  • Coordinator of projects, internal partnerships and events
  • In charge of technological and technical matters