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A bot (short for software robot) is an automated software program used to perform certain repetitive tasks on a wiki. Bots typically require approval to operate, and are occasionally used by vandals to cause extensive damage to a wiki's content in a short period of time.

Special:ListUsers/bot produces a list of all accounts which are member of the “Bot-ak” user group . Additionally, “bot-a” is a user right. Edits by a user with this “right” (read: property) do not show up in recent changes by default. Typically, a user from the group “Bot-ak” will have the “bot-a” user right. User rights are often called “flags” and bots with user right “bot-a” are often called “flagged” bots.

Current and proposed bots

Miscellaneous bot pages

  • Bot policy
  • Lists of bots — where to find bots used by Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Foundation bot families.
  • Vandalbot — advice on dealing with malicious bots
  • robots.txt — file which tells web robots how to index your site.
  • Rollback — includes instructions for using "bot rollback" to hide vandalism from recent changes
  • Botopedia — international project for generating Wikipedia articles from statistical data.

Frameworks and interfaces for bot development

Ikus, gainera